Toulouse v Leinster

Discussion in 'European Champions & Challenge Cup' started by An Tarbh, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    <div align="center">[​IMG]Toulouse v Leinster[​IMG]</div>

    Well arguably the match of the weekend and the prime time slot looks good on paper but seriously how retarded a decision is it to hold a Heineken Cup pool game at 21:00 on a Sunday evening, good to see not a modicum of consideration for the away fans :rahh: :ranting:

    The match is also live in the UK and Ireland despite what it says on the ERC Website.

    As for the match itself Leinster will travel with cautious confidence following their performance at the RDS careful not to underestimate Toulouse following their average performance at Murrayfield.

    Leinster won't have fond memories of the Ernest Wallon following their last visit although that was also down to a simply shocking scheduling decision that ultimately cost Leinster big time later in the competition. So certainly a point to prove for Cheika's side when they take to the pitch on Sunday evening.

    Your thoughts then will Toulouse simply have too much class for Leinster or will we see the same aggressive defesive display that proved so effective last week???
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  3. Martin1813

    Martin1813 Guest

    It will be a very interesting match, I think.

    Toulouse is a bit upset because of its bad performance at Murrayfield while they were quite better than the Gunners.

    They want to react sunday, at home, against one of the biggest side of the pool.
  4. stevemagoo

    stevemagoo Guest

    I doubt Toulouse will be as bereft of ideas behind the pack as Leicester were, but i still think that Leinster will shade a close game.
    Jennings and Gleeson were outstanding in the loose, and seemed to be behind every big hit last week, D'arcy and BOD looked to be getting back to their interlinking best also.
    Toulouse will want to put the poor game against the Gunners behind them and pull out a big performance at home though...

    Leinster by 4 points
  5. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Michael Cheika has gone with an unchanged side for Sunday night's game. Apparently Leinster will have only 1000 supporters in attendance for the match which could be considerably less if fans get caught up with the transport strikes on at the moment, that and the ridiculous kickoff time, I've even heard Toulouse fans complaining about it as well.

    Anyway i'm just ****** cause I can't get to Toulouse for this game cause I have to work on Monday morning.

    Leinster team: Girvan Dempsey, Shane Horgan, Brian O'Driscoll ©, Gordon D'Arcy, Rob Kearney, Felipe Contepomi, Chris Whitaker, Ollie le Roux, Bernard Jackman, Stan Wright, Leo Cullen, Malcolm O'Kelly, Shane Jennings, Keith Gleeson, Jamie Heaslip

    Replacements: Brian Blaney, Juan Gomez, Cameron Jowitt, Kevin McLaughlin, Cillian Willis, Christian Warner, Luke Fitzgerald
  6. I hope that this game is on ESPN here should be a quality game. :)
  7. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Byron Kelleher is still waiting to make his debut in the HEC having again been left out of the Toulouse side for tomorrow's clash. Heymans, Kunavore and Courent come into the backline having missed out last week in Murrayfield. There are 4 changes in the pack with changes at prop, second row and no. 8. Human and Poux are in for Perugini and Montes while Gregory Lamboley loses out to Fabien Pelous and Finau Maka is replaced by Shaun Sowerby.

    Toulouse: 15. Poitrenaud, 14. Clerc, 13. Jauzion ©, 12. Kunavore, 11. Heymans, 10. Courent, 9. Ellisalde, 1. Human, 2. Servat, 3. Poux, 4. Pelous, 5. Albacete, 6. Nyanga, 7. Dussautoir, 8. Sowerby
    Replacements: 16. Vernet Basualdo, 17. Hasan, 18. Milo Chlusky, 19. Lamboley, 20. Maka, 21. Kelleher, 22. Fritz
  8. danny

    danny Guest

    Cmon Leinster. I would love to see your boys pull off another great win at Toulouse. Ive spent many great weekends at Old Wesleys rugby club in Dublin and they really know how to enjoy themselves. My heart says Leinster my head says Toulouse this time . What do you think?
  9. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Not sure to be honest, the consensus seems to be that a losing bp won't be too bad for Leinster but I don't buy into that sentiment, especially given that away trip to Edinburgh which looms before Christmas.

    I think it's a must win game and we're certainly capable of getting the result and the players seem to be enjoying their rugby which makes a change from the Irish setup. One thing's for sure I don't think it'll be a dull game.
  10. Supporting Tigers I'm not sure who I'm supposed to want to win? Should be a good game either way but I think Toulouse might bounce back.
  11. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    I suppose a Toulouse win would be best for Tigers as I can easily see Leicester doing the double in December.
  12. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Damage limitation for Leinster at this stage, if we can get away from here without conceding the last try then that'll be something at least but extremely disappointing second half from Leinster.
  13. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    And the bonus point is stolen at the end! Supprisingly entertaining considering it's been a routing.
  14. Martin1813

    Martin1813 Guest

    I didn't watch the game but I followed it on the radio.

    It looks to be a strange game, with a very close first half and a much running game in the second. The score shows this difference.

    As far as I can see, Kelleher was determinant in animatig the game for Toulouse. O'Driscoll looks to be strangely absent.

    I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, that are my feelings according to the commentators' report.
  15. shtove

    shtove Guest

    Oooh, sore! A bit of a lesson from Toulouse in attack and defence - Leinster's backline didn't have a chance because their pack couldn't put on pressure and suck in defenders. Toulouse were ruthless at the break down, and it reminded me a bit of the 1/4 final last season, when Wasps gradually dismantled Leinster.

    Mind you, the last two tries came from bad mistakes. And the ref was a bit odd.

    Jackman is turning in to a very good player. And the Leinster lineout is great, until they throw it long.

    Clerc is a class act.
  16. Oh **** that sounds like they got a hiding. :(
  17. shazbooger

    shazbooger Guest

    Yep, ouch is the right word alright.

    Ahhhh even the 6-6 score at half time didnt really hide the fact that Leinster were really struggling. All that happened in the second half was that they turned the screw and clocked up the points their superiority deserved.

    Toulouse were on top in most facets, but most importantly they had the battle of the tight five well won. The Leinster pack has improved over last year, but were still nowhere near good enough to match the big boys. With no go forward ball, the back line could do little but kick it away all day. I stopped watching mid way through the second half as it was obvious it wasnt going to get any better for us. We looked about as interested in the game as a french touring team.

    On a side point. Can we sticky a "referee watch" topic or somthing where we can evaluate our opinions on the current referee's? Would certainly be interesting to see opinions on the likes of Barnes ;), White, Roland, or that new Irish ref (Bristol V Stade) etc, over time.

    Chris White's performance last night was dreadfull. He is one of the most pedantic referee's I've seen in years. Dont get me wrong he had no impact on the final result (in fact I think he hampered Tolouse more than Leinster) but he seems to do his best to stop the flow of the game. Some of his decisions were so obviously wrong that you would have to question what he was thinking. Two examples;

    1) Toulouse player takes ball into contact, Leinster have two tacklers waiting and drive the player back. Leinster forwards pile in and drive over the ball. It was obviously a turnover ball. White blows as the ball is being presented and gives the scrum to Toulouse, supposedly the team going forward (they had been drivin off the ball). Even the Toulouse players look a bit embarrased at that decision.

    2) Ball goes out for line out. Heymans looks to take a quick lineout (through a mass of players). He passes the ball in to another Toulouse player and the game is off. White blows up and asks them to take it again. No reason for it, and it stopped Toulouse profiting from what was a potentially dangerous attacking platform.
  18. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    ref watch sounds like a good idea. White is supposed to be one of the better refs, so it would be good to see if he does this alot or if its a one off.
  19. seanidou

    seanidou Guest

    what happened to leinster it's a big shock for me
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