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Investec Champions Cup Final - Toulouse v Leinster

No surprise eh. Bad call. Game changer.

We'll break everyone's heart in the URC
Next week will say alot but with no Keenan and lads will feel effects of this I think URC will be battle on road if ye have to go South Africa.
On bench would Jimmy O'Brien not have been a better call over McGrath and let Larmour cover 9 as it was always going to be JGP play the full game
Pretty frustrating game, thought Leinster made quite a few bad decisions, particularly to go wide when it wasn't on, getting isolated. Surprised to see them so lackluster on attack

Conan's idiodicy was the moment of the March.

du pont then larmour had biggest impact on game.
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@munstermuffin With Antoine Dupont of this level, a Jack Willis impassable on the defensive level and a stratospheric King Horn in the game, Leinster could only lose this final.

Regardless, it's always a pleasure to see Leinster playing the best rugby in the world.

To be fair I wouldn't be landing the Toulouse backfield. Any time Leinster went to the air they were making gains
Just watched what little highlights were available, didn't look to be anything in that, if Leinster land that drop goal at 79 ish minutes it's Leinsters win with French fans criticising the ref, final margin definatly flattered Toulouse, ultimately there can only be one winner either would have been worthy on the day.

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