Toulouse's Finau Maka investigated on 'slavery' complaint

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by snoopy snoopy dog dog, May 27, 2010.

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    FINAU Maka, a Tongan Rugby star in France, was arrested and subsequently released by police who were investigating a charge of keeping an illegal immigrant as his personal slave at his home in Toulouse this week.

    The rugby player was placed in police custody on Tuesday, May 25 and released after being interviewed in connection with the charge on May 26.

    The Daily Mail Online reported on May 26, that police raided the
    33-year-old rugby star's home following reports that he was living with a young Tunisian man and was treating him with utter indignity forcing him to do things against his will.

    A police source in the South West City said this was a new case of modern day slavery, adding the allegations were very serious and that was the reason why this rugby player was arrested.

    It is believed that the Tunisian involved is in France illegally and was living in the player's household performing numerous tasks. Maka also shares his home with Elizabeth, his wife, and eight-year-old-son, Brian.

    AFP reported today, that the Investigating Magistrate Michel Valet said, "I received a complaint lodged for modern slavery and dated April 29 in the name of a person who said they were a victim (of Maka). I ordered a police investigation, there are still inquiries to be made, the investigation is continuing."

    The 6ft 2" number 8, Maka who originates from the village of Longoteme in Tongatapu, grew up in New Zealand and played for the Hurricanes, Blues and Highlanders before being lured to France where has been playing for the Toulouse team for the past eight years. He has also represented Tonga in the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France. He is a younger brother of Isitolo Maka.
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    What the...
    That's a new one!

    Disgusting, if true.
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    Yeah, seems pretty bad. Don't know if slavery is the right word, as the worker is getting paid, but no doubt unacceptable.
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