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Transfers 2015/16

Bundee Aki and Ultan Dillane sign contract extensions with Connacht.

Interesting that Aki on â'¬400k. Only way that is affordable for any province is if its a national contract.
Although I'm upset they not coming to Munster it is the correct call for them. It shows they're very loyal and also Lam looks to be making Connacht look even stronger again.
Alex King has left Northampton with immediate effect.

They mentioned this at the bottom of a team announcement.

Very odd... will be interesting to see what he does, as I rated him very highly after his first (prem winning) season with them.

rumours are that he could end up in Montpellier with Vern Cottr but nothing sure yet

Ashton 3 yrs at Toulon Ford takes Dominguez job at least Boujellal keeps everyone interested.
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That's a lot of money for Aki but he's easily their top most talismanic player. Glad they kept him in Ireland. Sad we aren't getting Dillane though. He sometimes won't fit in that second row....
Might enjoy living in the WC/still own his house there - his kids school friends etc.
Well yes, but your point is why Glos, of all places?

Well, that could very well be why.
Matawalu is basically a winger that is too small to cut it with the other Fijian wingers so they stuck him at 9.
Yeah... there's a reason that he's not been able to command respect as a SH and it's not because he lacks athleticism.

Exeter sign Matawalu until the end of the season as injury cover.

Don't know if I'm reading too much into it, but they referred to him as a winger first then a scrum half in the article. Could provide some spark out wide, particularly considering how promising Maunder's looked.

He's not the world beater that he has been made out to be from time to time, but I think that he's a good fit for Exeter's uptempo game.
Suited Glasgow well because they always keep the ball alive with offloads, and he follows the play excellently, has great pace etc, but yeah he's not a guy you'd look to start week in week out, because once you wise up to his sniping he won't do much.

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Also Angus Llyod and Te Aihe Toma have joined Munster on short contracts. If we sign a couple more kiwis we'll have enough for another Munster Haka.
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