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Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by St Helens RLFC, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. You can take this or leave this, but just been told this little snippet:

    Little Big Planet's unexpected delay was for more than what you've been told. Level 4 of the game was only completeable with 2 control pads - not good news if you have only one pad! There was of course the music that could have been construed to be offensive to Islam. This was a fault, true, but Level 4 was the biggest cause for concern.

    The problem has now been fixed and the game will be released pretty imminently I would have thought. I have also been told it is absolutely fantastic. Please don't put this on other sites - or it isn't an exclusive!
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  3. esoj

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    hmm very interesting. how then though were reviewers and the like playing through the game as surely some of them had only 1 control pad? why would the developers media molecule then come out and say they had a patch ready in 12 hours ready to go for launch when surely an issue with a level would take longer and need proper testing from sony which would obviously take longer than 12 hours? I will admit sony issuing a recall despite the developers having a patch ready to go day1 was werid though. Your source is normally very good St helens but I think on this occasion it could just possibly be a tiny bit off the mark. The game has been out in america for about a week now I think and was due out in europe this week.
  4. I can't discuss it because I don't know anything about the console or the game - just passing on what I've been told. This news is now about three weeks late by the way, it just got mentioned to me in passing yesterday. It's not something I expect would take masses of time to fix.
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