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TRF Fantasy Super 14 2007

Something wierd happened. It entered my name as TRF Fantasy Super 14 2007 :huh: Is there any way of changing it?
man i ain't played this game in years! it's good to be bak. the format of the team is different from when i last played it!
it makes it a lot more difficult to choose your team.
Nice to see a good size amount of people in there already.

My team is of course after my signin name "Mehrtsisagod" & my friend Murray has a team in there called "Murmac".
A Nice big selection so Far then

and the Reigning Champ is now in the Comp!!!
Hey I don't know anyone but im in! :unsure: this is similar to the Premier league fantasy league im in. B)
I`m in- MountaingoatBliss is the team name. Memories of the 1997 Currie Cup final is the inspiration for the name- indulge me.
Anyone want to take control of this??? As I dont have enough time to run it!!!