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Saint N Sinner

I was thinking of setting up a Halo Xox Live match sometime this week on a weekly basis, anyone up for it?

I think I still have EVOL on my list, not sure about gjohn but Il check.

Sign up here...
my gold membership ran out on 360 live so there'll be no more online gaming for me
isnt it for free?

i thought it was for free....well thats wat the guy said from microsoft during the press conference on E3 last year.
Originally posted by Air Ben@Jun 15 2006, 05:30 AM
Why not just pay for the a year's subscription?
you gonna feed n clothe my baby?

i know its not really that much but i just didnt play online enough to warrant the subscription.

and 360 subscription is 1 month free trial when you buy the machine

gold (paid subscription) lets you download stuff and play games online

silver (free subscription) just lets you download crap
How come your on Rockstars Table Tennis then? ONLINE in Rockstars Table tennis?
silver membership dude.
i cant actually play against people, but i can like submit scores for games and it still tracks my achievememnts (not many by the way)

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