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TRF Rugby Hall of Fame - an Original Ripper Idea



Just an Idea I had, Most sports out there have an Hall of Fame, wether it be the Hallowed steps of Canton, Ohio where the NFL Legends reside or the gAyFL Hall of Shame at the MCG but to my knowledge there is no one for Rugby.

Basically at the start each month we hold nominations for past Rugby Legends (must be retired from International Rugby) who you think should be enshrined in all their glory. We leave these nominations for a set period of time (say a week) then close them and count. We then tally the nominations and move on to the next phase. To avoid Biasness, the top 2 Nominations from both the North and the south will move onto the next phase, with a wildcard alternating month to much for a 5th one (one month it will be the 3rd most nominated from the SH, then the next month it will be the 3rd most nominated from the NH and so forth).

In the next phase we open a poll for each one of the 5 Finalists, each poll will have two options - Yes or No. For each vote, a valid reason has to be given about why He should or should not be enshrined... only valid and reasons with a point will be counted (so no OMG HEZ ENGLAHS SO HE MUST SUCK LOLOL). To be enshrined you have to recieve a certain % of yes votes (for Baseball its 75%, but I was thinking something along of the lines of say 60%).

If the nominee recieves the set number of vote then in a special sub forum their biographies will be posted as well as photos, famous quotes and a list of their achievements e.t.c

The reason I thought this was a good idea is because it could provoke some healthy, intelligent and intresting debates, as well as a database for people who are new to the sport to see and learn about the greats who have graced the game.

This is just an idea, and I wouldn't be surprised if it doesnt go ahead, just wanted to see what the general opinion would be, and what modfications/changes could be made...

As you were people
Great idea.

I'd love to see that. You're right in saying that it probably won't go ahead... But if we pull our fists out of the cats arse (new saying....It works...) then this could be a great TRF thing....

...That's right. Thing.

Things are good.
won't work at all nice idea though. they are too many immature people on this forum to hold that kind of debate let alone any other rugby topic. it will turn into like some many other threads have into wales not being respected or wales being this and that and people replying and a flame war errupting. nice idea though but unfortunately won't happen that well on this forum
buckshelford wud eat martin johnson....literally

but this is a very good idea

a hall of fame section wud be sweet
Originally posted by THE CHIROPRACTOR101@Jan 26 2006, 12:30 AM
buckshelford wud eat martin johnson....literally
Shame it never happened. Buck was a Jimmy.
think it's a fantastic idea/thing.

we could eliminate the petty boulepoop by giving members only 1 post as to their reasons for the person they vote for.

If they double post, especially in response to what someone else writes -- their vote becomes null and void.

I think there should be no arguing whatsoever because chances are that a good number of you have enough sense of history that all nominations should eventually be considered/in this hall of fame.

Unless lora keeps barking up Shane Williams leg. (lora, this is a joke).


I think all reasons given should be in favor of the person you are voting for, and NOT against the nomination running against your choice.

Keep things positive. And you're only allowed one post to state your reasons.
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
Known as one of the toughest forwards in a tough game, Shelford represented his country from 1985 to 1989. His brother Wayne is a former All Black.

Wigan chairman Maurice Lindsay said: "As everyone will know, Adrian was a tremendous member of our great side in the eighties and at 39 it is a tragic loss of life, we are deeply sorry about it.[/b]
would be pretty pointless if you can't debate nominations. it will just be nh v sh then with most sh nominating a sh person and nh posters nominating a nh person. I think it will just degenerate into nh v sh competition and just cause more harm then good. the maurity level of this forum is far to lacking to have something this intelletcual imo
As long as the area is heavily moderated and is treated stricter than, say, TRF awards etc. I think this could work...
Maybe if you had a "debate" topic for each corrosponding poll. In the Poll topic you have your reasons while in the debate topic you can quote a post/reason and say why you dispute that comment.

I think having debate like that on here often would also attract a lot of new members.
We could also have a TRF members hall of fame - for the fellas who have done their bit for the place.

Or maybe even a member of the month. Just suggestions.
Originally posted by Ripper@Jan 25 2006, 11:32 PM
Just an Idea I had, Most sports out there have an Hall of Fame, wether it be the Hallowed steps of Canton, Ohio where the NFL Legends reside or the gAyFL Hall of Shame at the MCG but to my knowledge there is no one for Rugby.
Well there's already a Rugby Hall of Fame.

This does not prevent anyway that there's a TRF Hall of Fame.
Originally posted by Teh Mite@Jan 26 2006, 01:21 PM
And here comes the Martin Johnson vs Buck Shelford arguement
buck > johnson

johnson didnt get his ball rucked out and play on after getting stiched up on the feild.
As I said to you yesterday Ripper, it's a brilliant idea. Would be a great thing to put on the TRF home page.
see, that's the thing . . . EVERYTHING on here turns into a prickwaving contest with no substance.

If we do have a debate topic setup -- anyone who uses the equivalent of phrases such as because they suck, that guy is crap, and my guy owned your guy - they're vote should be eliminated.

The same goes for hypothetical boasts such as if he played against my guy he'd of gotten smashed and the like.

This will keep all debates focused on the positive of what your nominee did and make members construct arguments with substance.

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