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Tri Nations?



Does anyone know if the Tri Nations is going to change since Argentina made it past the other two participating countries in the World Cup?

Argentina was left out of the SH tournament because they were not good enough, but now they made it to the Semi.

Maybe they will change it to the Quad Nations?
Up to News Corp, they have us in a contract and are the only reason that we actually have any cash....I think the current contract goes to 2010, I doubt anything will be changed until then....
They refuse Argentina to the tri-nation. Perheaps Argentina'll join the 6 nation...
I would like to see Argentina in the Tri Nations the problem is how often would they be able to field a A team. Most of their top players play in French clubs or other places so it would be of no use to the Tri Nations letting them in if only to play Argentina B or C.

They deserve to be in some tournament because they've obviously showed they can be competitive. But maybe 6 nations would be a better option for them.
The earliest they COULD join is 2009 if SANZAR lets it happen.

There's a probably a big chance they will join after how they went in the World Cup.
Come on they have clearly shown that they deserve it and even if contracts stay in the way of Tri nat, 6 Nat should make way, I mean ITALY honestly
Argentina do deserve to be in the Tri Nations but because of their commitments to their clubs in the NH it'll just be a waste of time if they turned up with a B team.
I think main concern for the NZ, SA and Australian Rugby Unions is the amount of money they will get if Argentina join. Any deal with Newscorp will mean that the money will be divided between 4 Unions instead of 3 and I'm sure the NZ rugby Union will not be too happy about it.

It's a risky move financially, the tournament can be more successful than what it is now if Argentina compete well.

I would love to see Argentina involved, I really don't think travel is a factor. Argentina should play with their best team though.
Playing tri nations would be very usefull for the team. But 6 nations could be easier to win. The Pumas won Ireland, Scotland and France in last world cup tournament.....

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