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Pacific Nations Cup 2023

Black Hawk

Academy Player
Nov 17, 2022
Has there been any announcement as to what format/teams will be involved this year? Will Australia A take part again or will it revert back to the six-team tournament including Japan, Canada and the USA as happened in 2019?
I've not heard anything. I'd guess it won't happen in a RWC year and then in 2024 it won't be so required as the PIs and Japan plus the 4 top anked nations in the Americas will be due to play together in the Asian Pacific Americas tournament (APAC). Plus the PIs now have Super Rugby to aid player development.
The six-team tournament took place in the last World Cup year, but with USA and Canada not having qualified this time for France, perhaps this alters things. From looking at the World Cup warm-up matches arranged so far, Tonga are the only Pacific Island to have one arranged so far against Japan on August 5th
I've read something second hand indicating PNC from 22nd July through to 5th August. Japan plus the 3x PIs only.

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