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Try or No Try?

Watch the video and vote

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The poll is very messed up.

But I don't think it's a try. I think his knee is in touch at the same time the ball reaches the line, which is out.
Try. Because I was screaming at the TV to award it as a try... And no ammount of evidence to suggest otherwise will make me change my mind ;)
someone should go find the offside that was called against hamiltion when he was no where near being offside. cost the crusaders 3 points and ultimately the game.

and before loratadine or anybody loses it. the above is very sarcarstic and is meant to be a humorous dig about supporter bringing up video evidence to prove that their team should have won

both teams could have won that game and the ref did neither team any favours.
i think its too close to call....shepard clearly grounded the ball before the tryline...momemtum took him near the tryline...when he goes over the tryline it looks likes mcdonalds hand is under the ball...but the ball may have touched the tryline before beeing pushed over...too close for me
Originally posted by woosaah@Apr 25 2006, 10:17 PM
i think it was no try. because the ref said so

get over it
100% agree.

imo. your alloud to say how **** the ref was, and point out all of his errors, and say that it should have been a try, but at the end of the day, the ref decided no, and thats all that matters.

although the advantage goes to the attacking team - something that ALL referees have fogotten.

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