ultimate Fighting Championship?

Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by Neil1984, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. Neil1984

    Neil1984 Guest

    Anybody a fan of this sport?!
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  3. cavan

    cavan Guest

    yeah i watch abit of it on Bravo, I prefer Pride though.

    Saw UFC 52 there, Hughes did well to win his fight. I first I found the guy a very boring and unimpressive wrestler but you have to appreciate just how bloody tough the guy is, every one of his fights is a bloodbath. The Saint-Clare v Miller fight was pretty good too.
  4. Neil1984

    Neil1984 Guest

    Yea pride is way better, lookin forward to the gp at the wekend, i reckon silva will take it, but my darkhorse is rampage or vitor.

    Hughes is the MAN, what a comeback, good to see babalu back in the UFC. It was a weird experience seeing randy ko'd. But i like chuck. GSP should be watched with trigg, that would be a WAR!
  5. cavan

    cavan Guest

    Yeah I think Chuck is class today. I hate Tito, was loving it when Liddell knocked the ******* out.

    Hughes has to be the toughest guy to ever compete in the UFC. He's not flash but he gets the job done. Deserves upmost respect. Did you see when he submitted George Saint Clare with the armbar, that move was quality.
  6. Neil1984

    Neil1984 Guest

    Yea, his ground game is very solid. I think hughes is exciting in almost all his fighters except the sherk fight. I was goin mental when he slammed trigg.I hate tito too, hes his own biggest fan. i also think vitor was robbed, he beat tito imo.

    Who do u think will take the pride gp?

    Do u train yourself? I train bjj in dublin, along with muay-thai and small bits of wrestling and boxing every now and then.
  7. cavan

    cavan Guest

    no i'm just an armchair fan, that's all!
  8. Neil1984

    Neil1984 Guest

    If u ever wanted a different hobby to get your mind off rugby then brazilian jiu-jitsu is great, no punches opr kicks, just submission holds!!!
  9. cavan

    cavan Guest

    lol, do they teach Gracie Jiu Jitsu?

    I tore a bicep in right arm and my left shoulder is pretty mangled too. My weaknesses would be much too obvious!
  10. Neil1984

    Neil1984 Guest

    Gracie jiu-jitsu and bjj are kind of the same thing. The gracie style is a bit more focussed on wearing the kimono (the suit) which isnt as effective as without the suit.

    Also the shoulder and bicep can be attacked but the techniques to attack them are easy to learn how to execute and how to defend against!
  11. ive watched abit..and becomes a tad boring..i like the faster pace stuff like k1 and boxing

    and i like pride better coz mark hunts in there...any news on em?i watched his first fight where he tapped out but left sum nice shiners on that asian dudes face..his second fight he beat big name player on decision....

    also rampage is THE MAN...those super powerbombs he does..SUPER CRAZY!!!
    i watched one where this guy did a scissor lock armbar thingie and he just picked em up off da ground and WHAMMO....dropped em on his head

  12. Neil1984

    Neil1984 Guest

    The ones where wrestlers push the other guys against the fence and repeatedly elbow are boring and should be stood up imo.

    The ground fighting is amazingly technical if you understand it.

    Hunt is doing well. he beat wanderlei silva on a VERY contentious decision (actually he lost but the judges gave it to him 2-1, how ill never know).

    Hunt will be a force if he learns how to fight/defend on the ground.

    Yea that was rampage v ricardo arona. Arona is amazing at bjj and i was AMAZEd to see him not defend that powerbomb (im a doin bjj 3 years and I could have defended against that powerbomb, all you need to do is NOT sit up with him and keep your head by his ankles and grab his calf/shin) but arona sat up with him which gave rampage a good 6 foot to drop him!!!!! Madness!

    In UFC the exciting fighters are the likes of Yves Edwards, Andrei Arlovski, Chuck Liddel, Rich Franklin, Matt Hughes, Georges St. Pierre

    If you are downloading any from pride then look out for crocop, wanderlei silva, fedor and mauricio "shogun" rua.
  13. i use to be a real wrestling(wwf/wcw/wwe)nut until i went to a secret website and found the scripts which eventually led to me knowing that wrestling is FAKE...and i beleived in the power of the hulkamaniacs!!!


    i really appreciate the ground stuff in the cage or in pride...i grew up watching mr.perfect,bret hart,owen hart,chris benoit and ken shamrock and i loved their counter reversals to submissions...to see this stuff happening in real life [​IMG] like in pride and ufc is really cool...i appreciate it alot..dont get it twisted(like a sharpshooter)

    im a big mark hunt fan...coz hes samoan and hes got the granite chin and the concrete fists....he has gained alotta weight tho...whats the next ppv he will be in?
  14. gjohn85

    gjohn85 Guest

    I am addicted to UFC now! been watching it loads on Bravo. I also got the DVD showing the best knockouts, submissions & whatever else needed to take that son of a bitch down! (see I'm getting carried away now!)
  15. Neil1984

    Neil1984 Guest

    Probably pride in either june or august. Just to keep him active. the man will be great when he has a ground game. As someone who has trained in both boxing and muay-thai along with jiu-jitsu, wrestling and some judo, i will say that hunt along with crocop have the best stand up skills in mma.

    Crocop is the man, knocks everybody out with his high kick. Download his highlight vid if you can. the guys a tank!!! Yea ken shamrock gets his ass spanked in mma these days but hes a good guy.
  16. Neil1984

    Neil1984 Guest

    dude find yourself a brazilian jiu jitsu class and start training!!!!!!! THE TECHNIQUES WILL ONLY COME NATURALLY TO YOU IF YOU PRACTICE THEM AND DRILL THEM!! I pulled off my first triangle choke after 3 sesions, i thought i was great! Now im pulling off anaconda locks, kimuras, omoplatas etc and its just such a good sport to train in!!! LOl plus you'll know how to heel hook anyone who gets a little too rough on you when they clean you out of the ruck!!!! LOL just kiddin!
  17. you hear the story of mark hunt tho?

    grew up in the ruff part of auckland(southside)...him and his mates went clubbing which was owned by a kickboxing expert/trainer and the bouncers were trained by him...anywayz marks boys caused some trouble and they got there asses whipped by the two bouncers..and mark came along and destroyed them...two professionally trained kickboxers got there asses cleaned...and the trainer was amazed and took him under his wing...mark went on to become k1 world champion!!! and a legend in japan but was screwed outta thousands of his own cash by the k1nz federation...they were using his own money to fund ray sefo(another nz legend)...mark left the cheapskates and jumped to pride...

    did crocrop fight k1..im sure he did...there was a guy in k1 who had the most devastating kicks..they were showing footage of em knocking people out...that guy had a fight with mark hunt...and couldnt knock him out when mark was taking his shots clean to the head!!!....iron head concrete fist and all heart...thats why i lov em
  18. Neil1984

    Neil1984 Guest

    Crocop Knocked hunt down twice before winning the decision. It was fairly unanimous. if they fought in pride and crocop knocked him down hed be allowed to repeatedly soccer kick him or punch him from the bottom so hunt would be up **** creek!

    Lest we forget hunt is 270 lbs and wanderlei silva was 208 lbs and wanderlei was robbed by a judges decision. like i said, the ground game is SO important and hunt needs to learn some sweeps!!! LOL He's a tough ******* though!!
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