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URC 2023/24 - Round 16

Watched back our game and being honest I think the ref kept them in it for a good while. Completely inconsistent reffing of the breakdown.

In any case a really great result. Zebo has absolutely rolled back the years this season. Bit of extra weight or not he's an extremely gifted player who produces incredible moments. Him and Murray going over the line was great to see. Currently the impact we are adding from the bench is proving hugely effective, but losing Carbery, Frisch and Snyman we will have way less opportunity to do that next year as it stands. Ahern sending Farrell to eat grass for his try was...... interesting.
Losing the 3 lads would hurt any team in the roles they have. We have only had a fully fit squad for last few weeks but that will benefit us for the run in as we are fresh.
Big game Friday now. Win and it will be a huge step towards avoiding South Africa.
Ulster are targeting the Leinster game with the mentality it's a home game, that will guarantee European rugby if we win too and Leinster will be weakened a bit and focused on the following week.
Glasgow vs The Lions could be a fun game too and I truly believe any of the Top 3 can see themselves top going in to the last day.

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