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Wales V Canada

that was a horrid 50 minutes but I'm glad to see the positive effect Stephen Jones and Alfie had when they came on. Stephen Jones really directedt he backs well, and that was when Shanks and Shane started to come into the game and Wales really turned it on. He has to be our starting 10, I think Hook is brilliant, but perhaps too inexperienced for this occassion, I think it got to him a bit today.

One thing we've got to do against Australia is play from the off, if we start like we did today we're going to be steam-rollered, Millenium Stadium or no.
if we play like we did in the second half, for the whole game against Australia, there may be a chance for us to win. If that happens, lets just hope Samoa don't beat England :p man that would bring back some bad memories...
Firstly well done Canada.

Secondly it shows how good a player Jones (FH) actually can be. There is no doubt Hook has the potential to be great but as yet he hasn't got the frame of mind to keep making the right choice. O'Gara won't lead any try-scoring tables but he does the right thing and creates things by not trying to be too extravagant. Hook is nevertheles a good player, although being unable to exert your influence on Canada must be a concern - he should play centre rather than FH for the rest of this tournament. But I never really rated Jones before today and my opinions changed.

If Wales select their big match players, yes there are some good youngsters, but that grand slam wasn't a fluke, I could see Wales doing best of all the NH sides, although that probably isn't saying too much.
WOW! We were a tad lucky there!!!

I still think Gareth Jenkins' team talk should involve him briefing the team on the innovation that is running straight - Mathew Rees would definitely have scored!!!

Shankilin was aweseome 2nd half, but hte pakc went AWOL in the 1st. I was worried Stephen Jones might have lost his touch, but he definitely stepped up this afternoon - as did Alfie...

Still no clue as to the starting 15 mind!
Terrible first 50. I thought the whole team had a bad start, Peel looked indecisive at times, slow getting the ball away from rucks. Players like Alun-Wyn, Popham etc. were nowhere to be seen. Hook wasn't giving us the platform we needed (thought we were playing too conservitively though, away from our strengths and straight into Canada's).

It was nice to see Stephen back on the field playing well and Shanks was a machine in the second half. Shane was a bit like Shane can be, he seems to need a performance like that every now and again to get the best out of him (I hope).

12 is still a majour problem area, Parker was non existant apart from scoring his try and I think the best place for Hook this championship is on the bench as an impact sub, he can change the game at any point, nice to have a player like that waiting in the wings. Gareth Thomas showed that he needs to play full back, so that leaves................... Sweeeeney, don't think so. S**t, Parker it is.

Can't see us beating Aus, but anything can happen on the day.
he [Hook] should play centre rather than FH for the rest of this tournament. [/b]

You made a very well educated post...that quote above, however, was the only thing i disagree with.
Hook isn't a centre.
But Sonny Parker isn't an inside centre either...
I'd give Hook another crack @ 12. We need someone who cuts angles like Henson used to do. Sonny Parker & Shanks are too direct.

I was actually cheering Canada when they where leading. I found it brilliant that Jenks said before the match, 'Judge us on the WC'. We showed glimpses of what we can do in the last 30 mins, but we need a full 80mins performance to get anywhere near Australia.
Away from the match for a second, but i have to say that i was so proud of our boys when it was national anthem time.
The camera moved across the face of nearly every single player in our 22 and i didn't see one - not one - person not singing the national anthem.
Every one of the boys was singing about the Land Of Their Fathers!

I grew that bit more proud of being welsh when i witnessed that site. It's been a while since i've seen that.
God, i think even Parker was singing it!


...Now, i still want GJ's head on a plate!
I just hope Canada can build on today's performance, my heart literally skipped a beat when I heard the score was 17 to 9 for the Canucks. QFs I don't think are going to happen this time around, but definitely had some serious positives and I hope it means Canada gets even better preparation for World Cups and the sport gets a more raised profile over here.
Who else thinks the commentator was gay? He kept on talking about Charvis's "muscly chest"
12 is definitely a problem position - I always favour a bullocking 12, like Gibbs - but apparently there is a need for a footballing 12?? How the game changes - I don't see the point in Jenkins leaving Henson at home and having Parker in hte squad, both of whom were injured but he's hte boss...

As for tactics, we seem to be playing hte game the same way as the Scarlets went - trying to play a constructive game based on the forwards taking it up setting the platform and then giving the backs the ball to try and do something with 1st phase then kicking for territory...

A game that doesn't suit us now or the Scarlets then...it was almost as though when Alfie and SJ came on, they said screw it, and and just went for it - and at times tore Canada to pieces...we need to play this way otherwise we will get shafted against Aus, and will struggle versus Fiji...Japan might even be a fight...
Who else thinks the commentator was gay? He kept on talking about Charvis's "muscly chest" [/b]

I you're talking about Will Greenwood i suggest you leave this site now.
If you're not talking about him then you are more than entitled to your opinions...
Wales really clicked once Jones and Shaklin came on.
I thought hook was a bit overcome

Was great watching how hard Canada fought. Great job
All this talk of Will Greenwood makes me think watching it on ITV would have been a pleasurable experience.

S4C i fi pob tro, os yw'r gem ar gael yn gymraeg, dwi'n dewis iaith y nefoedd (lol, hate that saying) pob tro.
I you're talking about Will Greenwood i suggest you leave this site now.
If you're not talking about him then you are more than entitled to your opinions...

I didn't catch his name, but if he was the guy who kept on saying "good take" (He said it 11 times, I counted), got Canada and Wales mixed up (twice) and kept on talking about Charvis' "muscle bound body", then I might just have to leave :p

I mean no offence, I remember seeing him play in 2003, just the commentating did make me lol on occasion.
rumuors have it, that its been something that gareth jenkins has tried to instill that the players should sing the anthem. was good to see all the players singing the anthem, maybe if henson knew the words gj would have picked him ;) eh? lol
To be honest, I don't care if the players sing the anthem. As long as they are proud to be playing for Wales, that's what matters. Every player prepares in a different way, some like Henson seem to prefer to stay focust before a game and don't want to let the emotion of the moment get to them. Then again I may be wrong, and that Henson just doesn't give a t*ss.
As far as i'm concerned people can sing the anthem if they wish to do so.
But to see every single boy out there singing it; to see that everyone had embraced the language that so few of us speak, that they made the effort to learn the words - hell, even mouth the syllables! - it made me very proud to witness their dedication to the team and to us a nation.
It made me proud to be Welsh, when seeing all our boys sing along as one with the rest of us in a language that people often mock by saying it's made up of only constenants...no vowels.

It's just something deep down inside me that felt complete on that day.
They say it takes simple things to please simple minds and if that's the case then i'd chose to live as a simple mind easily pleased, than a complex mind rarely impressed any day of the week.
First 50 mins were awesome for us. I was so proud of the way the boys played and it goes to show how much strides we are making in Canada at improving our game. That being said we are often found wanting in the backs. Our forwards are massive and this was indeed probably one of the strongest packs we coulkd of fielded. They bossed Wales around for the first 50 mins dominating them Cudmore, Snow, Thiel and James are monsters. I loved SM Stephenès mullet the most though true Canadian trailer trash. As soon as Wales started throwing the ball around though it killed us.

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