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Wasps v Leinster - HEC ¼ Final


An Tarbh

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London Wasps v Leinster

Leinster will travel to Adams Park without skipper Brian O'Driscoll in what is a massive blow to their aspirations to lift the trophy at Twickenham in May. They'll certainly have to overcome the odds if they're to progress to the semi finals and a likely trip to San Sebastien.

Wasps will certainly be bouyed by the fact that O'Driscoll will miss out and even had he been fit they still would have started the match as favourites given their home record is so strong, but their dismal away record will see them come unstuck against Biarritz in the semis.

So can Leinster find the form that saw them saw them win in Toulouse last year or will the side that went away to Murrayfield and Kingsholm show up this Saturday in Adams Park???
Mind games seem to be the order of the day with this one as O'Driscoll said last night he wasn't ruling himself out of Saturday's game. If he does make it then the miracle cure will have struck yet again at Leinster, you'd certainly begin to wonder what they're doing with the players, first Contepomi, then Horgan but if O'Driscoll makes Saturday then serious questions would have to be asked.
BOD doesn't rule himself out! Sneaky f***er. I'm going to this one, so I'll keep a beady eye on him.
Obviously O'Driscoll was just talking through his hole on newstalk the other night, he's not been named in the squad.
No surprises in the Leinster starting XV with Kieran Lewis replacing Brian O'Driscoll as expected, thankfully Cheika seems to have more sense than EOS in keeping Horgan on the wing and not risking upsetting the balance of the side.
It's been stuck between the Leinster 22 and halfway for the first 7 minutes, looking to be a slow forwards based game at this point. Just about deserved 3-0 lead to the pests at this point.
Strange performance from Leinster, getting plenty going with the backs but Wasps defence is infuriating, was always going to be that way though. Not convinced about Wasps try but nothing can be done about that. Need to take advantage now with Dallaglio in the bin.
Which one? I thought they were both perfectly legit.

EDIT: 3rd Wasps try (second while Dayglo has been in the bin) should all but end the Irish interests in this year tournament. Much like Munster last night, Leinster look like they won't be able to get back into this.
Good win for Wasps. It wasn't the exciting of matches, more of battle of the packs, which Wasps dominated the Leinster pack.
People - never go to Adams Park! It's a pain in the ass getting there, a pain in the ass sitting next to a bunch of Cor Blimey Wasps supporters as your team is getting thrashed, and a double pain in the ass getting back to civilization in the dark after the match. Seriously: You've seen those nice green fields outside the stadium on TV? Well, it's in the middle of a feckin industrial estate!

The burgers taste like underpants, and some gobshite stepped over the seats and crushed my can of beer.

Leinster, you are craaaaaap! Get rid of Whittaker, Contepomi, Finnegan etc. Why did they take off Jackman? The only one in the pack taking the game to Dellaglio & Co.

The only bright point for the Irish was Reddan's performance.

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