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Heineken Champions Cup - The Final

How many times are Leinster going to be allowed to concede penalties in front of their try line without a warning? This is a ******* joke. That was 3 advantages in that set of play alone, never mind all the ones that proceeded it. Must be up to 5 or 6 in not even that many minutes, all in their 22. Just grow a pair and card them ffs, they can't keep getting away with it like this.
replacement prop very nearly ruined La Rochelle's chances then, tripping up his own 9 when he picked and went for the line
Atleast as an Englishman I don't have to apologise to the French for pretty lenient reffing.

Cracking game, they really stopped Leinster playing their game.
This must be soul-destroying for Leinster fans considering the importance they put on this competition, and the whole year's leadup prioritising players.
Pity I didn't put money on La Rochelle
Honestly Lancaster imo hasn't learned that much since his time with england

He focused on a quick pack that could move around back in 2015 and got bullied and it happens with leinster

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