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What happening with Gavin???


Academy Player
Apr 11, 2010

just came into my mind he has been out of the press for a while, anyone heard anything regarding his future??? celebrity jungle is coming up :lol:
If London Welsh get into the Prem he will be there for sure, Lyn will snap him up in an instant.
I know he was meant to be doing some film with vinnie jones or something over the summer???

Suggested the Lyn Jones/Henson connection months back. He said he'd take him, but Welsh couldn't afford his wages (all this before their surge towards playoff final win). Would be nice to see him back with someone that could control him, but would he take a pay cut??? Doubt it!
Yer TBH I'm more concerned with Shane's stint in Japan, lost patience with attempting to defend The Orange One. He's been his worst enemy!!! Shame Shame, waste of a talent!!!

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