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What's Making You Laugh?



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This had me cracking up today. I thought I'd spread the love.
I'm snowed in...thank God for Tivo!
I'm snowed in...thank God for Tivo!
That was funny as hell, what episode was that. I have got series 1-5 & seen all the episodes, & I can't recall that clip.
Season 6, Episode 7.
It's fairly new. I don't think it's out on DVD yet.
"Ever just let your balls hang out, B-ry?"
S6 Ep10 is a good'un, love the take on the Irish, plus the Asian Santa :p

PS - Keep an eye out for the character with a name similar to my nick...
Bloody hell, they seem to make these series quick, I had series 5 on dvd for xmas. Now they are already done series 6.
Well, their done here in the US first, then released there. So the time gap gotcha!
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Man Rings His Bell
This Made me laugh
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