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Williams on his way out?



Originally posted by Planet Rugby
Perpignan have approached Wales and Cardiff Blues flanker Martyn Williams with a view to him moving to France next season.

Martyn Williams: Subject of a Catalan approach

Reports in Wales suggest that not only has the offer been made, but also that the player is seriously considering it

The Blues Chief Executive Peter Thomas recently made it clear that the team would have to endure significant financial cuts next season, despite their surge in recent form.

Perpignan are apparently offering not only to pay Williams handsomely, but also to buy him out of the remaining year of his contract, which would be a welcome injection of cash at the Arms Park.

Williams has been at Cardiff for the last seven years, but his medal cabinet is bare, and with the prospect of the squad being downsized this summer, it is likely to stay that way if he stays at Cardiff.

If he were to go, it would be a huge blow to the playing strength of the region and to director of rugby Dai Young, who is currently considering his own future with the region because of a lack of control over rugby matters.

"If the Blues' future looked a bit more stable I think Martyn wouldn't want to go," a source was quoted as saying to the South Wales Echo.

"But with the way things are looking in terms of squad cuts, who can blame him for being tempted by the chance to go to such a powerful French club and experience an adventure like that?"

I think it will be a good move for him, although its a pity he didn't go earlier on in his career.
he should go, its will do his game the world of good, may help him adapt to a more physical game, because hes is a fantastic player, but does seem to get outshined by the more physical flankers.
terrible timing. seems a bit weird that just as stephen jones comes back and alfie is rumoured to be coming back for better rest periods for the world cup, the ginger one leaves. ODD

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