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You have read Boy's Article here so lets hear what you all think, can you persuade the HOFF's!!!!
Originally posted by loratadine@Apr 26 2006, 05:25 PM
hes better than martyn johnson and keith wood put together.
Don't be stupid...

Got a good shot at going in, great player.
got a good shot, ummmm.... hes got more than a good shot, the only other irish player who deserves to go in is mike gibson, keith wood shouldnt be there.
Originally posted by loratadine@Apr 26 2006, 07:50 PM
keith wood shouldnt be there.
You're an idiot.

Fergus Slattery?

Ollie Cambell?

Jack Kyle?

Tony O'Reilly?

No, you're absolutely right...
good post theres, i overlooked slattery somewhat, although the players you listed are greats of ireland not of world rugby, after all ireland is not really a superpower of world rugby.
without doubt he needs to go in, he was just so influentianl, and was a great ambassador for rugby, and continues to be now.
Yeah I've read his autobiography and i have to say he definitely deserves to be included. It's a no brainer
Yeah I read his book aswell, great stuff, a must read! True legend of the game

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