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Is that her winning or losing a point? :p

Thanks for the info, I wasn't aware of it!
Serena won the game in the end.
They came back out after the break (which was about 2 hours) and Serena was heavily strapped up on the calf and probably juiced up to her eyeballs in pain killers.
She took the game comfortably in the end.


scuse us mate can you help me with that rather wonderful video you have playing in the corner of your post - i am a totaol novice at computeing and need some help with upgradeing my personal preferancees - cheers chrisd!
Back on subject, Venus Williams knocks out Sharapova! I haven't seen the match yet, but at 6-1 6-3, a matter of brawn over skill? Williams should have lost her last match anyway, but the girl through away 3 match points in the second set.
f***, my tv broke last night in the early hours!
I can't watch wimbledon now.

So Miss Sharapova was hammered, eh?

Keep me up to date on the info if you don't mind.

Gutted... (about my tv and sharapova)
Great stuff. This is not the first time Williams had beaten Sharapova before...I believe. Or was that her sister?
Heard/Saw a few minutes of Venus Williams beating some russian girl, forgot the name, pretty sure it ended in 'va' though.

I hope the gynaecologist that delivers her babies later wears earplugs later.
I'm not sure, they look so alike they could be sisters. [/b]

They are sisters. I remember hearing that one of them always followed what the other did in her interests and hobbies, right from when they were young girls.
Not sure, but I believe Hazey was using a form of humour called irony. Or sarcasm, depends on how you interpret it.
Hahahahahahahaha, oh dear Welly... :p

Not sure, but I believe Hazey was using a form of humour called irony. Or sarcasm, depends on how you interpret it. [/b]
Thank you Laetca. :D

The girl that Venus beat was Maria Sharapova, apparently it was an absolutely superb game where Venus, seeded 23, completely demolished the No. 2 seed in a battle of pure aggression and attrition - even though it was 6-3 6-1, apparently it was extremely close (one game went to deuce 14 times before the game was won!).

Wimbledon finally got some sustained play in today, a great comeback from Nadal, and another crushing victory from Venus Williams.
Sure, whatever pleases you :p

Too bad he lost, only saw last set.

Federer was sort of funny, crying and all :p
I believe it was federer who was crying, don't doubt Nadal shed some tears too, but sadly, I only saw ol' roger sobbing.

Then it was time for supper :D
Oh Federer winning another grass tournament - brilliant. *Detect severe sarcasm, please*
And those black men that play in the women's groups - not a fan either.

I'm just bitter because Sharapova went out (with a hammering) and Nadal got beaten by Federer.

Oh well, at least i can watch clay surface and see Nadal hand Federer his arse on a plate.

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