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Wimbledon 2010


'Ark at ee mun!
Sep 15, 2008
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So, here we are again. A month period where everyone catches "Murray Mania" in the hope that a Brit wins his home tournament for the first time in ages.

Who do you think will win it, hard to look past Federer and Nadal but I think Djokovic (sp) will be a dark horse and make the final. Murray will, in true Wimbledon tradition, lose in the QF after a 5-set win in the previous round to someone he should stuff and after which he becomes Scottish again
I think its a tough one to call, could be anyone out of Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Roddick and Murray. Personally I like an outsider and would really like to see Lleyton Hewitt win and if not then Murray. But i'll also be keeping an eye on the Croatian wildcard entry, Mario Ancic who I've liked since he knocked Tim Henman out in 2005 I think it was. He has suffered alot with Glandular Fever aswell maning he missed alot of tennis. Also can't rule out James Blake or Mardy Fish, two solid Americans who could do well.
I'm picking Federer

Well that nearly went all Pete Tong. I only saw Roddick's game, he barely needed to break a sweat to win. He will be there or there abouts.
Mahut vs Isner is 36-35 in the deciding set, over 7h of play so far

EDIT- Make that 38-38 in 5th
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Play stopped at 59-59 due to light

Never I thought I'd see a cricket match shorter then a tennis match.
That is quite frankly unbelievable.
Just got in from work ... amazing!
Got home late and only tuned in from 53ish onwards. Truly unbelievable, probably one of the most amazing things to have ever happened in sport. They finished for the night with the total match time at 10hours. I wouldn't be surprised if one of them couldn't continue tomorrow, they'll both be sooo sore. Whatever happens, they will go down in history, although I can't see either getting past the next round somehow. The Aces count was something like 98 and 95, that's how evenly matched these two are.

God knows what they are going through right now. How dehydrated and weak would you be after 10 hours of tennis of that intensity? Ice Baths, full body massages, serious eating and drinking required through the pain I imagine and then having to struggle on to the court in the morning.

Good luck to both of them!
When does play resume? Geez, it's beginning to sound like a bloody circket game! The scores are pretty similar to boot! :lol:
In the end Isner won 70-68. Mahut went on to play a doubles match later that day. Mad.
Aaaahhhh ... my two favorite female tennis players on court now. Sharapova and of course Serena Williams.

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