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And out go Norrie and Murray.

All hope now lies with Broady and Boulder.
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Broady out and so all down to Boulter. Then all Brits out in the first week.
And now all British players out in the first week. A bit embarrassing last night from Boulter after bigging herself up before the tournament that she wanted to be world number 1. There's ambition but also delusion when she's ranked 89 in the world. Media like the Times don't help.

Hoping for a classic. But think Novak still has too much experience and consistency for Carlos.
Wow that first set was a proper lesson given to Carlos.

1 set all. We have a match! Apparently the First tie break Novak has lost in 13 straight sets.

Come on Carlos!
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Needs to break here to put his foot on Novak's neck.

Edit: finally!!!💪. What a turnaround. Keep it up Carlos.

Celebrate Spanish GIF by Wimbledon
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This looks like going 5 sets. Very topsy turvy.

Good article. Felt it had to come sooner or later but this defo felt like a passing of the torch moment like when Federer beat Sampras on centre court to end his run at Wimbledon.

Of course doesn't mean the end of Novak, can still see him winning more slam(s) but definitely about time the next gen. start beating him at them.

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