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All square at 1 set all. Looked like he was cruising at 5-2 before Berretini came back again.
Only half watching now with the GAA but Berretini has had some really impressive touches in addition to the forehand, expect Djokovic to win and probably in 4 sets bit definitely a more entertaining final than the first few games had me expecting.

I also need some tennis shorts, doing wonders for these lads legs.
Novak Djokovic Sport GIF by Wimbledon
So Djokovic pulls level with Nadal and Federer on 20 GS ***les. I think he'll finish with clear water over those 2. Just a machine.

Incredibly since 03 only 4 men have won Wimbledon - Federer 8, Djokovic 6 and Murray and Nadal 2 each. Quite an era that's drawing to a close.

She's got a point.
We talked about it with other sports (rugby & F1). It's awkward, and I'm not convinced that there's a "right" answer.

I'm against banning sportspeople who aren't representing Russia (eg, a few rugby players representing their club in UK / Fra)
I'm in favour of banning sportspeople who are representing Russia (eg, the Russian national team)

Somewhere in between, you've got the likes of individual sports like tennis, golf, or F1*, where they're representing only themselves, but have the national flag next to their name, and contantly discussed. I just don't have a good answer for that - best I can come up with is if they ask to be acknowledged as having neutral nationality, or something like that. But anything here will be controversial.

*There was much more in it for the F1 driver, son of an oligarch who also pays for his ride IIRC.
A Russian winner at Wimbledon (whether they denounce the war or not) would be manna from heaven for the Kremlin's propaganda machine. A ban is harsh on the players who denounce the war but agree that it's a difficult one to resolve.
It's pretty straight forward to me. Wimbledon doesn't want to see their trophy in Russian propaganda next to a winner and Putin. It's unfair to the athletes imo but if I was Wimbledon I would do the same exact thing.

Wimbledon's decision to not allow Russian players play this year has backfired on them.

But as long as no Russian or Belarusian player holds either trophy aloft - that is ok and no a PR win for Putin.🤔
Novak in trouble on Centre. Big upset on the cards?
Beginning to make his comeback. Hopefully Sinner has enough in the tank in a likely 5th set.
Shame. But what a beast Novak is.

Over to court 1 to see if the British Kiwi can make it to a Wimbledon semi.
Come on Cam. If you win you're British, if you lose you're a Nzer. 🤣

And he does it. Nice one Cam - truly British now. Although need to work on the accent.😉
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