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Murray being Murray......

2 sets and 5-0 up he loses 7 games on the trot to go into a 4th set and looks out on his feet.
Was gonna post the same.

Wouldn't be Murray without some late evening drama.

They're gonna close the roof. Good idea.
Watched the Federer v Mannarino match at the same time. Shame Mannarino got injured but the angle Federer found to make him slip was pretty evil.

Still Fed will need to up his game next match to stay in this year's Wimbledon.

And now Serena is out of the tournament injured after 6 games.
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Was gonna post the same.

Wouldn't be Murray without some late evening drama.

They're gonna close the roof. Good idea.
I enjoy Murray's drama. :cool: I'm not the biggest tennis fan, but he keeps me interested.
Murray fighting back in the first set.

And out he goes. Too little tennis to go much further. Outplayed really.
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Properly outplayed yesterday by Shapovalov. Still, if it is to be Murray's last Wimbledon he's had an unbelievable career. Whether he wants to keep trudging through minor tournaments in order to give himself a chance in the majors remains to be seen.

Looks like despite the success of his hip operation he's still getting related injuries which hamper his training. Can't train fully, can't get back to level to win matches, he's gonna continue to go out early in big tournaments like Wimbledon. Vicious cycle for someone like Murray. Can't see him hanging around if he's not gonna be in the mix anymore for the Slams.

Only Norrie left on the men's side for Britain and he's bang in form. Up against Federer today and he's also coming back from injury. Should be interesting match.

Djokovic though looks be 2nd gear and cruising all the way to the final and his 20th slam.

Sad if he doesn't but was a brutal loss. Hurkacz is no mug though. Think now it's how Fed plans to end his career and going out on his terms. Like Murray both need matches and wins between the slams, otherwise neither will be happy getting thumped in slams.
First instance of the day of wanting an Italian win in London. I don't know much about tennis but I reckon it's the less likely of the two! Watched a fair few big serving players make the final only to be dispatched by Federer, presume Djokovic is more than capable of doing same.
Be very surprised if Berretini wins. Djokovic will have too much for him today.

Novak already getting Berretini's serves back into play and pulling him side to side in the rallies.
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Yeah, can see Novak winning in straight sets to be honest. Berretini just doesn't have the movement to trouble Novak in the long rallies. Plus, his back hand is average at best.
Was just about to ask if it's fair to say Djokovic isn't playing that well by his standards but Becker more or less said same.

That was a great game by Berretini to keep the set alive.
Tie break time. Fair play to Berretini.

1st set Berretini. Good to have a match today. Novak under pressure. Strange he threw in so many unforced errors 5-2 up. Still expect Novak to re-group.
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