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She can't be expected to just turn up to Wimbledon and win it like she did with the US open, when she first burst onto the scene.
Did anyone give an impression of that expectation?

Novak - classy with a racquet, less so with a microphone.
Persecution complex in full force.
Did anyone give an impression of that expectation?
Media, just general impression once all other Brits went out and Murray's "retirement." All expectation on Emma to go as far as she can and win it, especially with the way the draw has opened up. When she's under no real condition to.
Think he just felt disrespected by certain group of fans (Rune's). He's had to put up with it around the world. But Had enough last night. He's not the most loved but sure as hell has the ***les/slams/weeks at no.1 to back it up and shut the doubters up.

Should get to another Wimbledon final, which would be incredible given he only had knee surgery a month ago. Will be the last of the big 4 standing and still battling the current generation. Another battle with Alcaraz in the final would be welcomed.

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