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World Of Warcraft



Right I was just wondering whether anyone plays World of Warcraft on here....
If you do what Realm are you on, are You Horde or Alliance...
WOW is going to destroy a generation. I can't fathom the effect this game will have on our economy in 10 years time. So many bloody wasted hours.

I'm going to go over to my mate's house and stage an intervention. Then I'm going to wipe my arse with the CD and send it to blizzard.
Is it THAT good? I've never played it nor seen it (apart from that awesome ad on tv). Mind you i love my sports games, it would take a lot to pull me into a fantasy world game with tolkein style characters. And I usually buy console games only, my PC sucks.
yeah i havn't really got into any online game other than guild wars. and that took to much time away for me. i played it constantly for about 2 months o_O, that sucked, as once i finished it i decided that was a huge waste of time.
when my flatmate moved in he played guild wars non stop when i got it, its like 6 months and he is still playing it non stop, i can't get into anything like that. i was surprised in getting into it for 2
Yeh my mate played Diablo 2 online religiously, i'm talking about giving up sleep to keep trying to better his character. Speaking of which, i think he sold the character on ebay or something for like US$300. It's a crazy crazy world we live in
yeah that is crazy o_O all that work he did for just 300 hundy, i don't think thats worth it, though most games you don't get any money from it

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