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Worlds most skilled sport

MMA > Boxing (imo, anyhow - never boxed but I've done several different martial arts in my life, and a small amount of MMa and the combination of styles is mad, and grappling/BJJ on top of strike styles is crazy)

I'd say MMA is probably the most skilled, imo
Snooker requires plenty of skill. To be a decent player you've gotta think at least three shots in advance, and get your positioning almost spot on every shot. It takes ages of practicing to string together a break of more than 30 (something I've never managed lol), and what must be an eternity to get a maximum 147.

I also find darts requires alot of skill too. There's not really any middle ground, you're either good (can hit trebble twenty fairly consistently) or crap (miss by a cm and hit 1 or 5 more often than trebble twenty). I know it's played by unfit fat blokes more often than not, but the levels of skill is impressive, even if it's quite specific.

Out of all the sports I've personally played (rugby, football, basketball, swimming, mountain biking, golf, cricket, aethletics, baseball, pool, snooker, darts) that those two require the highest levels of specific skill.

If were talking about a broad skillset then it's tough to beat something like the decathlon, although technically that's more than one sport grouped into one I suppose. Football and basketball along with playing a technical rugby position like outside half. MMA as Olyy's mentioned is another that requires quite a broad skillset.

Probably forgotten some.
At he risk of being accused of sitting on the fence ... I find all sports challenging :D

... mind you, fence sitting does require a good sense of balance, and a high level of endurance, depending on how long you sit on it :D

My personal favorite from my childhood hero and ex maths teacher :p

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Fencing is quite hard as well. You've got to be very precise and very, very fast.

My personal favorite from my childhood hero and ex maths teacher :p

I was at that Wexford game. Surrounded by a sea of Cork people at the time. Wexford got a good lead on them early on but they hauled their way in front and the smugness of their fans was unreal. Was delighted to see the smiles wiped off their faces.
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In a lot of Sports it also depends on position, in gridiron the QB has a lot more responsibilities than the punter for example. In baseball the Catcher has a lot more to do than the fat lump or old fart playing DH. I'd say Cricket requires a high level of skill and the best all-rounders in the world would be up their with most skilled athletes.
Very subjective debate this... however, I'd have to say that sports that rely almost 100% on skill rather than any physical strength would be the most skillful.

So, I'm throwing sports like Golf, Darts and Snooker out there.
Two Words: Elephant Polo

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Nah, but in all seriousness I agree with what gingergenius said about skilled sports being the most skilful over physical sports. Clearly something like sprinting doesn't really require skill, but just lots of training and being born good at it. I personally think any sport that involves getting a tiny ball to go somewhere with a long stick is incredibly skilful.

On that basis Golf gets my vote, simply because it is stupidly hard. Pros can literally get a ball to land on 5 yard area with spin from 200 yards. Also it involves all aspects of strength: Driving - full body force, delicate chipping, and feather light touch putting. Such a hard sport to master in all those aspects and be consistently good to stay a pro for years.
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I have to say I found hurling mind blowing but it's really hard to say.
Shinty or Ping pong

Unless you consider Chess a sport, in which case that is it :p

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