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Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by kbourke88, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. kbourke88

    kbourke88 Guest

    Ok, so i'd say 99% of my mates think i am the biggest loser on the planet for having this wish, but hopefully i will find more comfort in the dreams of my fellow rugbyforum posters...

    My dream game would be a combination of WWE wrestling and rugby. I even go so far as when i was at school i used to draw up my 1st XV WWE rugby team! (i know.. COOL!! :D )

    Anybody else think this would be an awesome game?

    I love wrestling... and i love rugby... and i love wrestling games... and i love rugby games... it only makes sense to put two and two together!!

    So i really almost wanted to become a game developer just so i could make this by myself, cuz the chances of it ever happening are absolutely nil.

    If there is any interest in this post whatsoever, i will post my WWE 1st XV.

    If not, just remember, i had a dream.....
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  3. Jesse

    Jesse Guest

    Those tow things (wrestling and Rugby) are my two favourite things in the world.

    I think you should post your starting XV. And you should have Khali in at lock. :cheers:
  4. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    Dream you can my friend

    plus rep this man

    He is Barry Dawson :D
  5. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Would that make Big Daddy and Giant Heystacks the two props?
  6. kbourke88

    kbourke88 Guest

    Hey guys.. mad excited that i actually got some replies to this post! haha...

    bear in mind, i made this team a few years ago, and so there will no doubt need to be some changes with some new guys in the business...

    1st XV

    1. Animal
    2. Mankind
    3. Hawk
    4. Kane
    5. Undertaker
    6. Batista
    7. Stone Cold
    8. Kevin Nash
    9. Kurt Angle
    10. HBK

    11. Jeff Hardy
    12. Triple H
    13. The Rock
    14. Randy Orton
    15. Edge

    So i couldnt remember who my other winger should be, Jeff Hardy would be cool, maybe too small tho...

    I thought the Acolytes would also have been massively dominant in the centres..

    Khali would deffo be a bench player for me, maybe with the big show. they are just too slow to make it into my 1st XV tho...
  7. kbourke88

    kbourke88 Guest

    Imagine coming round the blindside and running into an angry Batista... Jerry Collins eat your heart out! haha..

    Imagine Stone Cold running up and taking out the opposing Fly Half with a stunner!

    Imagine packing down to a scrum with LOD as props and an animal like Mankind as rake!!

    Brothers of Destruction as your second rowers.. talk about a power house!!

    Big Daddy Cool performing a massive powerbomb in the defesive line..

    Triple H and the Rock in the centres taking crashballs up all day long!

    The other team makes a break and then gets speared by edge at fullback!

    HBK at fly half - pretty boy!! haha...
  8. kbourke88

    kbourke88 Guest

    so because my 1st XV includes wrestlers that are no longer around the traps, i thought i would put one in using the current roster.. (cuz i am a massive wrestling NERD)

    1st XV of available WWE wrestlers...

    1. Big Show

    2. Umaga

    3. Viscera

    4. Kane

    5. Undertaker

    6. Lashley

    7. Cena

    8. Batista

    9. Rey Mysterio

    10. HBK

    11. Jeff Hardy

    12. Triple H

    13. Randy Orton

    14. Paul London

    15. Edge

    i think im slightly unhappy with the selection of Paul London at wing... but i cant think of who else should be there...
  9. ws4life

    ws4life Guest

    Not a bad team. Ill put up some opposition with Team TNA

    TNA XV
    1. Abyss
    2. Scott Steiner
    3. Samoa Joe
    4. Lance Hoyt
    5. Tomko
    6. Rhyno
    7. Kurt Angle
    8. Hernandez
    9. Chris Daniels
    10. Aj Styles
    11. Sonjay Dutt
    12. Homicide
    13. Chris Sabin
    14. Shark Boy
    15. Senshi
  11. kbourke88

    kbourke88 Guest


    oh he's up! he must be the toughest s.o.b. in the game!!

    well King, this match is gonna be one hell of a slobberknocker!
  12. melon

    melon Guest

    Surely Razor Ramone, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Goldberg and Diamond Dallas Page get a bench spot?
  13. kbourke88

    kbourke88 Guest

    Yeah.. maybe i take Nash out and put goldberg in as the starting 8... i like that actually...

    Bret Hart bench spot (backup 10/12), DDP and Ramone dont make the cut... where would they go?

    make a team? put it up against mine.. anyone who is interested vote...

    Legends team of course.. way more interesting..
  14. Rugby_Cymru

    Rugby_Cymru Guest

    Oh, hands up who was dying to make a Chris Benoit joke then...

    *Matt raises both hands.*
  15. Jedda

    Jedda Guest

    I'm thinking the teams would need good kickers, cause there would be quite a few penalties..... :bana:
  16. scrumhalf

    scrumhalf Guest

    In Italy, in Florence, we have a very violent game which is called Calcio Storico Fiorentino (Florentine Historical Football). It dates back to Renaissance and it appears to derive from the "Harpastum" played in ancient Rome.

    As you can see in the YouTube movies, it is a kind of football, handball, wrestling and even boxing all mixed together...

    The ball is spherical, you can pass it in any direction, by hands or by feet, and you score one point if you put it in the opposition's goal, and you concede half a point if you try to score but miss the goal (throwing the ball high, out of the pitch).

    Due to the excessive violence, in recent years it has been banned by the Town Major...

    Maybe WWE rugby is more acceptable <_<




    I definitely prefer rugby union :lol:

  17. Metal

    Metal Guest

    Well dunno wat my team will be but my team could look like this

    15: Chris Benoit RIP
    14: Kurt Angle
    13: The Rock
    12: Edge
    11: Jonah Lomu (New Zealand)
    10: Jame Hook (Wales)
    9: Dwayne Peel (Wales)
    8: Undertaker
    7: Batista
    6: Kane
    5 Big Show
    4:Giant Haystacks
    3: Abyss
    2: Hulk Hogan
    1: Viscera
  18. Dmx#1

    Dmx#1 Guest

    Chris Benoit would Cripler Crossface opposing players in the ruck. He'd be the R Mccaw of WWE Rugby.
  19. melon

    melon Guest

    Goldberg would do a 'Matt Dawson on Mat Rogers' or a 'Brian Lima on anyone'.
  20. TuneOnASpoon

    TuneOnASpoon Guest

    The WWE team has the TNA team covered for size up front but the TNA backs would run circles around them. It would definately make for an interesting game.
  21. eljefe14

    eljefe14 Guest

    it sounds like a title ea sports big would make, taking on a comical view on a serious sport
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