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Xbox 360 Live! Please help!




Can someone please tell me how to set up Xbox live with the 360. I need to buy a hard drive, but I have a spare asdl modem. I plugged it in the 360 yesterday and it failed the first test, even know it was all connected. I s this also down to now having a hard drive atm?
You have to tune in your ISP number and ports onto the 360 before it will connect. Check your manual for how to do this. Your ISP will have provided you with everything you need when you signed up for your DSL service.
If you are still struggling, look here.

Alternatively look, here. I think it mentioning the original xbox (not the 360) but there shouldn't be any difference.

Microsoft has a step by step guide on the different ways to connect to xbox live, go here. It may take a while to load the page as its an interactive page.

I hope what me & Teh mite has posted has helped you in some way.

BTW, Teh mite was referring to entering your IP number to enter on 360. I don't think that entering you Isp (Internet Service Provider) number will help at all, unless you want to ring them. Go here to see your IP address.


* I think I broke a record in 4 different links in one post :bana: here, here *
Can I by a wireless network adapter for the 360, and but a wireless rouet? Will it work then
Yep You can get a wireless adapter and that will work for you, I use it for mine...

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