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your first game of rugby



i've been watching rugby on tv since the early 90's. basically if you grew up in melbourne it's all AFL and nothing else during the winter. we were lucky to have foxtel, so i got to watch the super 12 games regularly, free to air also televised the bledisloe cup games, which i never missed. i remember 1 game ever being played in melb, i think it was in 1994 or 1995. wallabies vs. italy at olympic park. i begged my parents to go but they wouldn't take me.

i actually got to see my first game live in 2003 when the world cup came to melbourne. it was all blacks vs italy at telstra dome. seeing the haka live was amazing (even though i'm australian).


Can't remember when i watched my first rugby game but i remember the first time i played representing my school under 15's.. We were having a friendly against the states number one team and i had never played before and only had been training for a month.. Stuck at prop i remember the scrums being haywire at the start and it stabilized later.. I remember tackling properly and holding the ball like once the whole game.

We lost 7-8 but it was the first time in 20 years we even scored a try against them. : ) (by the way it was our scrumhalf that scored the try.. he's like the try scoring machine for my school)


I was 6 playing for the under 9 team!!!!!!!!!
We didn't have under 7 or 8 teams!!!!!!!!!!

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