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2020/21 Challenge Cup Final Aka The Big One AKA The Only One That Matters

That second kick was fantastic from Ford needed a better chase, it's also just too obvious to kick sooo much regardless of how good he is at it.
Wonder if Lozowski will try and get out of the final year of his Saracens contract
He's too good to be 3rd choice 10/3rd choice 15 at Saracens
Wasn't he ahead of Lozowski last season though?
Extra season in the systems vs Lozowski sunning himself in France
I'd be surprised if Manu/Farrell wasn't their first choice 10/12 next season
I mean he's still young more likely a bench option.

10. Loz
12. Faz
13. Thompkins

would make sense imo
That would probably cause similar issues to what England have had, plenty of ball players but no one is making hard yards in tight confines there.
How many years has Wigglesworth been in the game and the commentary still call him Wrigglesworth
Must have been about 4 or 5 penalties conceded by Montpellier in that maul alone.
The medics running on to the pitch looked like the defensive line - they're lucky Nadolo didn't go for the bump

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