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A Question of Sport



Right, it's an idea for a game based on general (sporting) knowledge, which is exactly what it says on the tin.

One person asks a question, the next answers. If their correct, they set the new question.

Only rule is no cheating as, if anything else, it ruins the game for everyone else. Which will make you a bad, bad person.

OK, a starter...

For which team did Ayrton Senna drive for his first Grand Prix win in 1985?
I wasn't alive and I'm not very up on motor sport, so don't laugh at the stupidity of my guess...

Good idea

I have a feeling it was with some obscure team but i have no idea what they were called

So i'll go with Renault
Alright then here goes. Which football team thought that bleaching their hair would be a good approach to team bonding in the buildup to a previous world cup?
Yeah that's the one.

And here's the proof.
Originally posted by Ripper@May 20 2006, 09:53 AM
Didn't An Tarbh say "previous world cup"

i.e Japland?
Thats what i thought but it seems to says in "a Previous World Cup"
Dunno if it's along the right lines but here goes...

Which province was Carlos Spencer playing provincial rugby for when he got 'discovered' by Auckland?

Bonus point - how old was he at the time?

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