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A Question of Sport

I'm preety sure Woosaah has got it with Michael Jones, he seems to have a habit of scoring tries first (I'm 100% sure he scored the first try in the 1987 World Cup and 90% sure he scored the first in 1991)
According to my records gjohn85 is correct - it was Frank Bunce against Australia on 17 July 1993.

The game was played at Carisbrook and the All Blacks won 25-10 with Shaun Fitzpatrick becoming the first forward to score a five-pointer.
Originally posted by Planetrugby
The first player to score a five points try was Inga Tuigamala for New Zealand against Australia in Sydney in July 1992.

Dobriens up.
Sorry, been busy, you guys should see what with soon too :D

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To my knowledge (and research) two props have scored points in the Super 12 (as it was) in ways other than tries. Who were they and what did they do?

Legend point - if you can name against which teams
Here's a start.

One was Matt Dunning, infamous drop goal for the Waratahs. Needed a bonus point try but drop kicked it from 35 out about 7 metres from the side line. :lol:
My guess is the Dunning Drop Goal (the stuff legends are made of) and a conversion... although the only Goal Kicking prop i've ever seen is the one who kicked that penalty in the Shield Challenge for Poverty Bay against Auckland in 2004...

Except for Fairbrother (Canes Prop) on Rugby 2004/2005 who had 80 Goal Kicking, so thats my guess. Fairbrother - Conversion, Dunning - Drop Goal
Well yes it was Dunning a drop goal, and yes a conversion... but by who?

Clue - famous prop, will name country he represented later if no correct guesses :)
Originally posted by Candyman@May 23 2006, 04:24 PM
excuse the spelling oli la roux
:) took a fellow prop to get it.

Matt Dunning - drop goal
Ollie le Roux - conversion

Your turn Mandycan...
This could be too easy but its the only one i can think of at short notice.

Who was the first rugby player to wear head gear when it came into circulation??
It's not like anyone else is guessing... hey Ripper you take Colin and I'll take Tiny, if either is right you post next question, alright?