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An Advertising Video


St Helens RLFC

I don't know whether or not I have an exciting voice but I do know it's awful.


Ah, but you have a strong(ish) accent though. Accents can always help enphisise things and give it the 'human touch'.

I unfortunately sound like an English teacher who smokes too much.


I'm liking these ideas here. Is anyone actually getting on with them or what?

When I made this topic, I thought it best to show the parts of the forum and demonstrate how easy it is to use. But, just that would be boring! We do need clips of rugby matches, we need music (I might be able to find something suitable from Popboomerang), and half-naked woman! I'm thinking right in the middle of themovie we show that pic of half naked woman doing the haka - but only for half a second!

You really haven't ever watched any of my videos have you? Minus the naked women doing the haka, you've pretty much perfectly described ones we've had around for ages.

I would post one as an example but YouTube closed my current account for copyright reasons I'm yet to fathom.


Do we really need a voice-over? The video is supposed to sell our advertisement to join TRF. Just chuck some music in the background & Bob your nan's best friends uncle.

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