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Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by Saint N Sinner, Jun 8, 2006.

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  2. Black-Monday

    Black-Monday Guest

    Well, what can I say........

    I ain't a fan of that sort of music so it 'may' be good. However from an easy listening person like myself, it certainly wasn't easy listening. Wasn't a fan of the bass.

  3. paddyknight

    paddyknight Guest

    ummm...... *looks around for someone to save from awkwardness* ..... errrm ..... i didnt realise that type of music existed before a bad experience in late teenage..... especially when i've seen the bassist give an emotional rendition of darren hayes miss you...
  4. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    ha ha ha, that was classis, ummm.... yeah, that was really good actually, i really got into it.
  5. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Don't take this the wrong way, but I think a mixing desk is needed. The Bass was far to overpowering of the rest.
  6. gjohn85

    gjohn85 Guest

    Good effort, the only thing is, the tempo just seem to go from slow to heavy without much flow.

    Well done anyways lads.
  7. Well the bass needed to be turned down. I did a higher in mixing and producing music last year, so I can give you some tips if you want.

    As for the music, well it's was too repetitive. Try to add a few differing rifs, a could of wee mini solos and make the bass move more. Try playing in dropped D for that proper metal sound and get the drummer to play fast, with a few fills thrown in for good measure. As for the vocals...well....yeah....might wanna look into that. Give it a bit of work and it could be good, i'm sure it'll come good. I'm actually into the same music as you in a roundabout sort of way, so I can also help with that if you want but I only play bass.
  8. It was more of an intro for our album, and my amp was only 10 Watt.

    I need to get a pedal ready for a show coming up in like 2 weeks so then I can use a 220 Watt amp.

    It was more of a demo for now but thanks for the opinions.
  9. Just when setting up, the bass should hardly be heard. Keep the treble down, and the bass about mid way. That's the set up I use when I do recording.
  10. Well I thought thats about right myself but apparently the bass should be louder...what a load of crap...
  11. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    *faints ffrom seisure*

    meh tottally not into that kind of music
  12. ..::ERIC::..

    ..::ERIC::.. Guest

    There is def. potential in your band, however get a better singer. This "Shane" guy is crap. Also your random little solo didn't really fit in. Try get another guitarist in your band aswell, that would make things better. And a better drummer. But yeah some parts I actually like.
  13. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    My stupid Linux won't play the video... Is there any possibility of an MP3?

    Or even chuck it on youtube?
  14. Serge

    Serge Guest

    I thought it being a band with those influences I was going to like it. But i absolutely hated it. The vocals were way to slow and formulaic. He just sung one line then screamed something, took a massive pause then rinse and repeat. The music sounded alright bar the whole bass thing everyone has mentioned. The vocalist actually has a good scream if he was just going to use it for a few lines in the high point of a song.

    Would be interested to see the band when its more developed.
  15. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    I just took one look at the title of the thread and knew I would hate it.

    Is it the name of the song or the band?
  16. The singer is also guitarist aswell but he didnt make band practice when we created the song and thought **** it and make him sing :p

    I didn't hear anyone mention how crap my Stagg was, or so what people where saying about it before I bought it :p
  17. That was just noise.

    If you posted up the lyrics then everyone could have a scream-along session. And also be able to tell what the "song" is about...
  18. Thats why there is a link for it on the page ;)

    Here it is anyway, its based on mythology.

    Training Of Eternal Torment

    He picks up a sword full of mite
    On this Earth full of darkness
    He shines through Earths last ray of light
    He must show no weakness

    Hera the jealous godess
    Cursed the young Hurcules
    His immortal powers useless,
    it brought him to his knees

    In a fit of rage and confusion
    A murderer he became
    Trapped in a pit of illusion
    Putting the Gods to shame

    Apalled at what he had done

    He seeked forgiveness from the Gods

    Told to serve a mighty king

    12 tasks he was set,
    to atone for what he had done
  19. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

  20. Well if I had your MSN addy (thats if you had one anyway) I could send you it but not much point as you will probs bash it.
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