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Andy Powell off to League

Going to be good news for the Welsh rugby league side. I think league will be a good move for him.
Steve Diamon has confirmed it, while Wigan are keeping shtum at the moment.
Agree it will be good for Wales, both playing wise and getting more interest in the team/game.
Still no word from Wigan's side interestingly enough. Super League has an anti-tampering deadline until 30th April. I have no idea if that extends to signing players not currently in league. I suspect however Wigan want to let Sale secure their Aviva fate before doing anything.
Powell himself, at the game last night, has said he's going to Wigan so I imagine Wigan are just timing their announcement.
Apparently when asked on a radio interview Iestyn has changed from "not happening" to "...it's not up to us to discuss players leaving clubs".
Still think Powell will be a hit for league in general ... he will at least created some good headlines.
NRL is a totally different kettle of fish to Super League! Both in terms of quality and antics!

Signed, Sealed and Delivered!


Interesting ...

Powell could be the first of a number of Rugby Union recruits heading to the Super League club to complement quality young Wigan-trained players and young players with strong potential from Wales and from other Super League clubs after Chairman Ian Lenagan outlined the Club's innovative and already successful player recruitment strategy at a Press Conference on Tuesday morning.
Wigan have big links to Welsh rugby, no doubt cultivated by Iestyn Harris.
Has he played any games yet, swear I saw his name on a teamsheet the other day?
Not that im aware of - think Wigan have another Powell on their books?
Most Wigan fans seem to think he'll go to south wales scorpions for the rest of the season to learn the game (theyre affiliated with wigan) and then start fresh next year.

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