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Another thread about Rugby 2001



After reading a thread about Rugby 2001 the other day, I fired it up on my PC and had a bash. I must say, it's pretty good. I like especially the way the ball can be stolen from a player on the floor if the support isn't there for the tackled player.

Also, the rucks are pretty good, if not a little slow. I know they LOOK terrible, but they actually play quite well, if you can learn to resist just bashing the "add player" button repeatedly.

The way that adding several players in one go can bosh the opposition off the ball is really good, and depends on how well your forwards get to the breakdown.

There are a few things wrong, such as the ease with which you can run through a crowd of players, and that turning takes ages, but it's not that bad.

On a different note, could anybody help me work out the file format EA chose to use for the various commentary files? Or at least point me in the direction of somebody (perhaps on this forum) who is any good at this sort of thing.

That's all folks
C'mon, Chesnut, don't be so lazy. This is a Rugby 2005 forum; even Bippy (who created the first Rugby 2001 thread) requested his be moved to 'Other.'

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