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Anyone Still Playing Ncaa 2006??

I still play it every now and then, mainly when I need Draft Classes.

Are currently rolling with California Golden Bears and am in Year 4 of the Dynsaty, at the moment I am ranked 4th in the country after going 7-5, 9-2 and 12-0 in my first 3 years with 2-1 record in Bowl Games.

At the same time Im using the LA Cardinals (Year 4) in Madden 06 (Relocated Arizona after the first season) and have done some major rebuilding, simmed the first year and selected Reggie Bush No. 1 overall after the losers went 1-15. I wouldve picked Lienhart, but he didnt go until he was 25 (at the end of Year 2) for whatever reason, first time Ive seen that happen

Still have Kurt Warner on his last legs, 6-9 going into Week 17, hopefully I will get my beast of a QB I recurited in my First Year with the Golden Bears in the upcoming draft if he leaves my NCAA Dynsaty early.
I'm still playing. Got bored with a few and have settled in with Vanderbilt and my RFTH MLB Andrew Jackson. Played the first game and squeeked by Wake Forest. Just like real life this year. A little tougher without your newly made stud at a skill position. He did have seven tackles, a sack, and two pass break-ups in 5 minute qtrs. i save draft classes for when I srat up with Madden, however I really get bored with Madden quickly.

They really need to let you change uniforms, expand stadiums etc in the middle of the game.

One more thing: I created a DIV III school near where I live and made them a cupcake team. But I can't play with them in RFTH. What a shitty proposition. I think I will create a player exactly like my RFTH guy and start a Dynasty with him as a freshman.

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