bangladesh stun south africa

Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by esoj, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. esoj

    esoj Guest

    well massive upset with bangladesh wning by 67 runs. they made 251 off their 50 overs and bowled yes bowled south africa out for 184.

    scorecards here

    this defintely opens up the competition again especially for teams like england and the west indies whose campaigns had not been the greatest in the super 8's.
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  3. melon

    melon Guest

    hahaha how dare the South African's be ranked as #1 one day team!
  4. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    I smell a rat here- did Smithy finally take a leaf out of the Hansie Cronje captaincy manual, and accept a leather jacket from a dodgy bookie named Sanjay?

    Seriously though, Bangladesh completely outbatted, outbowled and out-fielded the SA team, which begs a couple of questions which has ben simmering for quite some time to be answered.

    1- Captaincy- while Ricky Ponting and Stephen Fleming actually read the game and control it with their bowling changes and field placings, old Smithy`s going with the tried and trusted, pre-programmed Plan A. When plan A fails- complete and utter panick! Polly must bowl 7 on the trot up front, and go for about 20 in that time. If he gets clobbered, what to do? Macky`s got to get a couple of early wickets. If he doesn`t- panick!

    2- Balance of team- I actually really rate Robbie Peterson as one of our better ODI spinners. However, it seems like the SA brains trust( now there`s an interesting choice of term!) has f-all faith in him, which begs the question- why the heck select a guy if you`re never gonna play him in the match 11?

    3- Passangers past their prime or out of form- when Mark Waugh, a legend in his time, lost form, the Aussie selectors were wise enough to relieve him of his duties a few years back. No place for sentiment in selection in the land Down Under. Look, Shaun Pollock has been a great servant of SA cricket. One does not take 400 Test wickets and 300+ in ODI`s without being able to hold a seam upright. But is he maybe past it? It`s been more than 3 years since his last Test 5-for, and he was horribly exposed on the Carribean wickets by both Aus and Sri Lanka, and failed to strike against Bangladesh. Same wit Justin Kemp, a master blaster when in form, but has simply not adjusted to the slower wickets of the Caribbean. SA made the same mistake with Allan Donald in 2003.....

    4- Batting- the much-vaunted SA batting depth and lower-order batting has been exposed as a myth by Aus, Sri Lanka and now Bangladesh. If the top 4 doesn`t get at least 2 50`s between them, the batting just goes completely off- and it smells worse than last week`s sushi.

    5- Pressure situations- the choker`s tag is alive and well. Once again, a lot of very soft dismissals while chasing a very gettable target proved to be the undoing.

    6- Death bowling- 70 runs off the last 7 overs. Without Hall at the death, our death bowling is exactly that- dead!
  5. melon

    melon Guest

    Match fixing is well and truly alive! lol...nah don't really know that for sure, but it's definitely possible.

    I'm glad to see that Australia have regained their #1 World ODI Ranking!
  6. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    To be honest it's a poor man's excuse to say this is match fixing. It may well be but there is no evidence!

    What South Africa need is a decent slow bowler. All sides competing have decent spinners and its been a major difference in the competition. Its really South Africa and West Indies that dont seem to have one!
  7. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    True about the slow bowler- however, what really irks me is that SA has got a pretty decent slow left-armer in the squad in Robbie Peterson. Sure, he`s no Warne or Murali, but a pretty decent ODI slow bowler nonetheless- but for some or other reason, he`s rarely included in the match 11, and even when included, he rarely gets more than 6 overs in a game. That was actually one of the points I made earlier- why include him in the squad( which was a very good selection IMO), when you`re never gonna play him? That`s a question for our coach and captain to answer- and I doubt whether they`ve got the answers between them.

    On the matter of the no1 ranking- yeah well, the mighty Aussies also had their little blip against Bangladesh last year hey........
  8. dobrien7

    dobrien7 Guest

    And we had ours in warm ups for World Cup... surely then having beaten top 3 ranked nations they can stop being called upsets?

    Is Peterson maybe a quota selection???
  9. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    Forgot all about that warm-up win vs. New Zealand too. Add to the top 3 also the scalps of India and Pakistan in the last 2 CWC`s, and I fully agree- Bangladesh cannot be taken lightly by anybody anymore. That was SA`s biggest mistake in this game- taking the win for granted beforehand.

    On Robbie Peterson- some might consider him a quota selection, I do not- I consider him SA`s best ODI slow bowler. My gripe is that he never gets the opportunity to prove, or disprove, himself, due to SA`s obstinate insistence on a 5-man pace attack. If Warne was a South African, I wonder if even he would have got a look-in in the ODI side, due to this fkn all-pace thinking that we have going on over here. That was also my initial gripe with the whole squad selection- picking the ageing Roger Telemachus as the 6th seam bowler in the squad, when a 2nd spinner would have given us more options for all types of match conditions.
  10. dobrien7

    dobrien7 Guest

    True, for a little while Jeetan Patel wasn't getting any game time for us, and he's shown here and there he's a worthy back up to Vettori when given a chance.

    To me the biggest problem is Graeme Smith's part time offies keep a dedicated tweaker out of the side...
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