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Beauxis Star ?

I think in the future perhaps, but he's still got a long way to go to be considered a star player. He needs more confidence from what I've seen. The RWC including his play at Stade Français.
It's hard to tell. Somewhere down the line he could become a star but over the next couple of seasons he has the small matter of beating out Hernandez and Skrela as Stade Francais' starting flyhalf. He could find his opportunities limited to an extent in the short term.
Yes, I think so, he is already very talented for a young man of 21 and with a few more years of experiance under his belt I am sure he will mature into a world class player.

During last nights game I would have kept him on and not sent on Michalak, as Beauxis was having the better night.
As it has already been said, it's hard to tell, he is quite young and talented. I hope he'll become the star you're talking about. Just wait the future.
He should move to a different team. Unless Stade Français use him often he should go somewhere that won't slow down his ability to grow and get even better. Perhaps a move to a Guinness Premiership team or a different Top 14 team?

He is better then Skrela already IMO. That guy is so overrated.
Think of you that beauxis can become a star of worldwide [/b]

Good player he is

young padawan

Beauxis is an excellent player but i think that Michalak is still the best french fly half.
He's good, but he is very one dimensional. Like the greats of old eg. Grant Fox, just there to kick. I think give him time to develop the rest of his game & he'll be good. Plus I love the crazy stare he does when he's lining up his kick.
He needs to play. Maybe he should quit Stade Français.

He has a great potential. But he has to improve his defense and his hand-play. He is a great kicker but he has to become a great player.

Kicking is not everything, for a fly-half.
i personally think that he is now france's best fly half option, seeing how michalak is completely over the hill. beauxis can definitely be a big future star.
Could be, but the more he plays, the more he looses composure and creativity I think. It's like we already see his limits.
All we can do is wait and see. As people have mentioned, he's still far from being a star. Only time will tell.
I Think Beauxis has a marvelous feeling and a great kick. He has to improve his short kicks over the first defence line and creativity during the game
He seems very one dimensional, bu he has time on his side and could add other strings to his bow over time.

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