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Being Lote



Have a look at this....... actually its a little lame.

I seen the commercials on telly and i dont really get the point of it ...... do the Tahs need more fans?
I actually thought it was pretty funny. I liked how the asian guy comes in with Lote's hair and a massive dong that is blurred out :D . They're getting people involved which is what's good, and hey, gotta give em points for originality :bravo: .
i loved it...its hilarious!

love how morgan starts crying...yeah and the asian guy's crack up
Well i liked the add on telly were the old chick cuts down Matt Dunning.....that was well funny
Ummmm... I signed up.

It a comp, free tickets to NZ for 2 to see the Crusaders game.
Did no one else read that?