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She should do, she stands next to your dad in your family portrait.


...am I? :(
I'm not saying you should draw blood, but when a kid is 3 year olds it will not understand if you explain that it might burn itself on the furnace, or that it can't pull down nice things on there, because it could be a pot filled with boiling soup.

There's a difference between smacking a kid, and hitting it so bad it can't sit for five weeks and needs to go to the hospital. People just don't realise that there's a difference anymore, that's all :s

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Absolutely agree there Laetca. That`s my whole point about outlawing corporal punishment at schools- just because a very small percentage of teachers don`t understand the difference between beating up on a kid and giving a smack/hiding, why throw out the baby with the bathwater? Rather deal with the teachers who cross the line, and deal with them harshly. But in the process of outlawing it completely, discipline, for the most part, has gone right out the window at most schools.

So, here`s the thing. When I was still in school, arriving 5 minutes late would result in a hiding. Which reinforces the concept of proper timekeeping, essential for later in life when you start working etc. These days though, we have kids in primary school dealing in drugs, right on school property. So which type of a school do I want my children to go to? One where there is a sense of discipline, and where they might end up getting a hiding if they deserve one, or a school where there is no corporal punishment, but drugs are available freely on the school yard? Easy call for me!

Fortunately, as a parent, I`m still allowed to give a hiding to my children at home here in SA. Now don`t get me wrong, doing it when it`s needed/warranted, is definately the most painful thing that I`ve ever had to do, and it really hurts me more than anything else on earth. But for my children`s own future, I`ve had to do it. Once. And hopefully, never again.
My mom used to slap me on the fingers whenever I started playing with the buttons on the furnace, and it probably did me more good then I realised at that time.[/b]

Twisted fire starter :focus:
Well a rise in attendance and general morale is all very well Sambad, but here`s the thing: about 15 years ago, 2 things were abolished over here in SA- corporal punishment in schools, and a 1 year stint of compulsory military service. Since then, we`ve had a more than tenfold increase in crime over here. Coincidence? I think not.[/b]

no, bokmagic, belive that was apartite..... :unsure: however, attendance + morale = higher grades. its simple i thought. people are there and they are happy. they will learn.

Now tell me, how can you change that kind of behaviour pattern with positive reinforcement? [/b]

now tell me, what did your bother do to derserve this? and assuming that you wernt 6, and he was 2 and you hadent developed your empathy in your brain yet (not as an insult but people dont develop empathy until there about 8-12 if my memory serves me right) but anyway, if your bother ****** you off, you beat the **** out of him. why did you think that? because when you ****** your dad off, he beat the **** out of you. its called setting an example.

"positive reinforcement" doesnt mean, ok dont do it again and have a pat on the back. it means to give an alternative reaction for a situation. it means, you see your olds getting shitty at you, instead of hitting you they do something else. so you dont think that the appropriate reaction for your younger brother being a prick, is do smack him, rather to isolate him, and the problem.

but anyway, a smack as a form of physical punnishment i belive is acceptable for a parent to choose as a form of disipline. im not debating that, however the unfortunate truth is that some people belive that wepons, drawing blood and bruses are acceptable. people dont know their own strength. and you can say the exact same argument for marajuana (sp?) "its fine apart from the few people who go nuts on it" and thats my case. people do beat the living **** out of their children, and its not on. but people interprate it as a no touching clause (in nz now)
ikvat, I'm sure you can add more than just one word.

I don't think Kids should get beaten with belts, but I don't see why there are organisations who are trying to make a slap on the wrist illegal. My mom used to slap me on the fingers whenever I started playing with the buttons on the furnace, and it probably did me more good then I realised at that time.

As long as your intention isn't to hurt your child, but to prevent them from doing something more harmful, then I agree with the toughness on children. Which doesn't mean kids don't have an opinion of their own, that is valuable and should be heard. How else are you going to stimulate your child to think for itself, if you never allow it to speak?

Very sad! :rolleyes:
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