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Places around the world

UK Govt. will match up to £5m of UK public.

UK Govt. will match up to £5m of UK public.
£30m raised according to BBC.

The impact on Northern Syria being described as "catastrophic." ☹️

Footage of Southern Turkey before and after the quake.

Tipping in North America. Getting out of hand. One of the reasons I loved Japan.
Weymouth beach earlier today. Never seen so many fat pot bellies on show 🤢 and mobility scooters around the town. 🛵. But at least it was a sandy beach.

Still, made up by two of the best Air BnB hosts anyone could hope for:

🐶🐶 Clara on the left decided she preferred use my arms and legs as an ice cream during this hot weather. And Teddy the nutso loveable dog.
Welcome to Fairbanks, Alaska. cool.gif

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