Biggest Let-downs

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Irishboi, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Irishboi

    Irishboi Guest

    Apart from the WHOLE irish team (especially O'Gara) who has underperformed the most in the world cup do you think?
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  3. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    That wasn't under performing from O'Gara, he really is that shite.
  4. fcukernaut

    fcukernaut Guest

    Sebastian Chabal for one. He has been hyped over the moon and is still nothing more than a 20min per game impact player.
  5. AllezWasps

    AllezWasps Guest

    The group stages. The second halfs of most matches have been a bit rubbish, either its the end of an absolute drubbing, or its the brave minnows falling apart when they get tired.
  6. Irishboi

    Irishboi Guest

    He is immense for Munster, but he just can't play on the big stage......:(

    ALSO O'Sullivan is WAYYYYY to conservative, why was there no Gordan Murphy, not even on the bench, Paddy Wallace should have been brought on etc...
  7. fcukernaut

    fcukernaut Guest

    I think you're doomed for failure if you're banking on Gordan Murphy.
  8. RC

    RC Guest

    Badda bing, badda boom!
  9. Eternal Idol

    Eternal Idol Guest

    100% true.
  10. Irishboi

    Irishboi Guest

    I think you're doomed for failure if you're banking on Gordan Murphy.

    I mean he should have been on the bench as he is a much more attacking player and he shuold have come on (if he was there) when we were 15-3 down and chasing the game.
  11. RC

    RC Guest

    Granted Chabal has been hyped but have people ever claimed him to be anything more than an impact player?
    Anyone who watches the Guinness premiership would never have said otherwise.

    It is simply the uneducated who have seen him do a big hit on Masoe and jumped to conclusions.
    He's been hyped, but he's not been a let down.
    He's done exactly as he's always done for his Sale in my opinion.
  12. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Don't forget he's a Back row by trade, it's simply Laporte is an idiot who want's to use him at Lock.
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