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Blades of Glory



Blades of Glory
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This movie looks hillarious!
ben stiller aint that funny to me..his series of corny comedies dont bode to well...but his more mellow dramatic comedies do..makes him a much more interesting actor..

BUT ferral on the other hand!!!..this is his cup of tea...he is an improv genius and his anchorman was FREAKIN HILLARIOUS!...

should be cool this...
When I first seen Ferrell, I couldn't stand him. Now I have seen him in Anchorman, he has grown on me as an actor.
I love Anchorman and also Talladenga nights... Old School was pretty good as well...
Am well and truly in the Ferrell fan club. Recommend "Another Night At The Roxbury" if you haven't seen it...

This looks good, looking forward to it.
Anchorman is only one of the funniest movies of all time, IMO.
This looks quite funny, but Talladega Nights was a real let down in my eyes, very disappointing.
I'm weary of this one.
talladega nights was a masterpiece, this one looks pretty good too

i love in will ferrells movies there always seems to be a guy on fire!!!

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