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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by BokMagic, Feb 12, 2007.

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    OK, 2 major rants after watching some of the round 2 action.

    Major rant no1- Touch-judges. Did anybody else think that the involvement of a couple of the touch-judges in incidents directly under the referee`s noses was completely uncalled for? I mean, take the Habana incident in the Bulls-Cheetahs game- the referee saw the whole thing clearly enough, he even says to the touch-judge that he saw it all and no penalty should be awarded. Then what does the idiot do? Hmmm, let`s see, it`s his moment in the spotlight, there`s an international audience of millions, so let`s just invent a push that never was in order to get your 15 minutes of fame. There were a few incidents of this sort in the SA legs of round 2- why are these touch-judges so hell-bent of getting their faces on TV?

    Major rant no2- Joel Stransky! Look, the guy used to be a pretty decent rugby player- after all, he won us a World Cup with THAT drop-goal- but why oh why is he busy throwing his good name away with his utterly pathetic commentating? I reckon every single person on this forum will be able to do a better job of analysing the play on any given Saturday. He comes across as an utter idiot, and that should not be the legacy that this guy leaves behind.
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    If I could have my wish, I would have Hugh bladen comment every Rugby match ever.

    I would like to ask some people who were at the game if they saw habana push whoever it was he "pushed", becuase they got nothing on camera.
  4. Good point.Touch- judges can sometimes come to the stranges conclusions.I mean a player stands and almost balance himself on another players head and that's ok-even a kick in the face, but small incidents off the ball are called almost as a rule.But inconsistancy is still a HUGE problem.Stransky.He is NO commentator.He can be an idiot as well with his ideas on transformation in the game etc etc etc. :)
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