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Bourgoin v Munster - Pool 4


An Tarbh

History will be made in the HEC this weekend with the first tie being played in Switzerland as Bourgoin switch the tie from the Stade Pierre Rajon to the Stade de Genève in Geneva.

Munster will welcome back several key players to their squad with Jerry Flannery and Anthony Foley both poised for a recall to the squad.

Alan Quinlan will miss out though following the news that his appeal was rejected against his 6 week ban for stamping, a sentence which did seem a bit harsh considering the stamp wasn't that bad in the first place and he pleaded guilty at the hearing so naturally a shorter ban should follow but the ERC obviously thought it a highly dangerous and serious stamp to give him such a ban.

Regardless it shouldn't prevent Munster from getting the job done but be warned Bourgoin at home aren't the easiest proposition, regardless of where they're playing, Leinster can attest to that.

If Cardiff can pull off an upset then a win will secure Munster's place in the knockout stages for the 9th consecutive season.
Yet again Mark Robson proves what a gimp of a commentator he really is, Leinster were playing Biarritz today in Geneva don't you know and I don't know how many times he has to keep harping on about the semi final from last year, seems to mention it in every match he commentates on. I like Sky's coverage in general but some less one eyed commentary would be a welcome.

I'm getting pretty tired of this patronising view of Bourgoin. They've said it themselves they don't have the squad to compete in the HEC and the Top 14 so accept it and move on.

This nonsense as well that Munster were just going to steamroller Bourgoin today was absurd. They had a lot riding on this game, what with moving it to Geneva and hoping for it to be successful to they can presumably try it again so it was well worth their while showing up with the A game.

Munster just seemed a bit like Rabits in the headlights today some really poor performances but plenty to work on during the week and they certainly won't be making those errors next week.

Great to see Flannery back as well, can hopefully get some proper game time before the Welsh game so he can start in Cardiff.
Fair dues to the Bourgoin pack - absorbed the blitzkrieg in the first ten minutes and kept it even after that.

Disappointed with the Munster midfield - thought without Mafi in there'd be more sparks. Maybe Murphy should do a Darcy at 12, with the speedster outside him. Payne set up Mafi nicely for the try, but before that he misused wide possession. Dowling got left in the dust for his opposite number's try - he's a step up from Horgan and Kelly, but not the full shilling.

ROG was firing passes all over the place - some maybe were a bit much, but Munster have to get that midfield moving to retain the HEC. Wallace was pretty good around the field, but not the backrow's best day.

Ca suffit.

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