Bristol vs Gloucester

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Cusker, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. Cusker

    Cusker Guest

    Hi all im a Bristol fan and we got Gloucester on sunday and i was just wondering what ur views on what the score will be. My view is bristol by 5-7 points [​IMG]

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  3. It'll be close, but I'm going to back the Bristol crowd to take their side home. Probably be a narrow margin of victory though.
  4. Cusker

    Cusker Guest

    glad 2 hear it!!!
  5. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    Whoa, look at all these Bris fans on the board! We could outnumber all the Saints one day. Good to see you mate, welcxome on board.

    Gloucester firing are tough, and the boot of Mercier is lethal. However, I have faith in our changed team to sneak it with a certain chiropractor on the wing...

    Bristol Team:

    Bernardo Stortoni, Brian Lima, Rob Higgitt, Manu Contepomi, Vaughan Going, Jason Strange, Shaun Perry, Dave Hilton, Saul Nelson, Darren Crompton, Mariano Sambucetti, Roy Winters, Matt Salter (capt), Joe El Abd, Geraint Lewis


    Mark Irish, Neil Clark, Ollie Hodge, Dan Ward-Smith, Greg Nicholls, Danny Gray, Mark Denney
  6. Cusker

    Cusker Guest

    I have faith 2!!! U goin 2 watch it???
  7. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    No mate, unluckily I've got a game away that day. I hope to go and see them a few times over the season though.

    You going?
  8. Cusker

    Cusker Guest

    YEAH i cant wait!! Hope its as good as the bath game LOL
  9. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    [​IMG] It'll be better!

    Just click the Lima link on my avatar to see why...
  10. Cusker

    Cusker Guest

    Nice hit!!!LOL Hope he dose lots of them on sunday!! LOL
  11. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Would have thought that a game this tasty would be on Sky
  12. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    I can see Bristol winning this one.

    Or at least I hope they do. As I hate Gloucester almost as much as the Cheetahs and the bugs.
  13. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    Why do you hate Gloucester?

    The problem with Bristol is they have lost Ronnie(Regan) and Gareth L this week. However, Nelson and Winters are decent players to step in.

    Joe El Abd is a quality 7 and Lima at 11, what do I have to say? I'm hopeful for dry weather, in which I'm confident we will win within 6points. However wet weather could be a problem with Gloucester's pack and boot. Still, this Bristol team is one of the most commited in the league, with a future England coach at the helm, so they will not let themselves down.
  14. Cusker

    Cusker Guest

    Joe El Abd will be an amazing player i think when he has a season in the prem!!!
  15. Never, ever ask that question to any Saints fan that was at the home game against Glaws in 2003.

    Dirty cheating ******** the lot of 'em that day, most Saints fans can't bring themselves to forget what went on that day.

    On a sidenote, it was one of the most entertaining rugby matches I've ever seen, and arguably the best atmosphere I've ever heard down at the Gardens.
  16. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Especially Sharky running the length if the pitch to wipe out Hazel and someone else with a double clothesline! [​IMG]
  17. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    9-27 at half time [​IMG]
  18. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    [​IMG] Bristol 9-41 Gloucester

    Still a long way to go though, we were just too indisciplined, and with a kicker of Mercier's class(Not the first time he has kicked us to death!), your not going to get away with it.

    Feet back on the ground now however.
  19. It wasn't Hazell, he came and twated Duncan McRae after him and Hazell had been laying into Shane Drahm.

    I'm hoping I've still got the tape I recorded the game on lying about somewhere...
  20. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    Bloody Forrester, he scored a hat trick when we played them a few years back aswell!
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