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Discussion in 'European Champions & Challenge Cup' started by An Tarbh, Oct 13, 2009.

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    Having missed out on a losing bp with a late try at the Parc y Scarlets Brive face an uphill task to get out of this pool. In what would have been the realistic target of an away win, to come away with nothing will be a bitter blow.

    Leinster for their part at least managed a losing bp but another slip up in France, where their form is poor at best leaves Cheika with quite a headache. Many times Leinster have come up against average French sides at home only to falter when it came to getting the result, even last year when winning the tournament they still managed an abject performance away to Castres.

    Pressure on then for both sides, Leinster are still without Stan Wright, who was a massive loss for Leinster against Irish, in a game that would have suited him down to the ground, Ross didn't step up to the mark, so interesting to see if CJ makes his first start of the season.

    Referee: James Jones (WRU)
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  3. Leinster hopefully can produce goods but have to :
    - Be on James Jones side as he can win a game for a team on his own :D
    - Really match Brive up front as their pack at home can be very strong
    - Kearney i think should start full back as this could be aerial ping pong at times and Nacewa on wing maybe.
    - Discipline has to be perfect as 15men will be needed for 80mins.

    But really do think Leinster have a chance.
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  5. dullonien

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    Well Brive didn't appear that great against the Scarlets. The Scarlets should have won the game last week by double the margin (2-3 dissalowed tries that would normally be scored, knock on's etc.). Leinster thereofre have a chance to get their European season back on track (kinda). I honestly think that going to Brive at the moment is easier than going to Parc Y Scarlets where the Scarelts are looking good.

    Interesting match, must win for both teams.
  6. shazbooger

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    Yep. No team has ever lost their first two opening games and gotten out of the group. Simply a must win for Leinster. Here's hoping they arent as defensively sound as LI were, and the ref actually polices the offside line and the breakdown.

    Still, Leinsters from in France sucks at the best of times.
  7. O'Rothlain

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    Just to chime in with everyone else, it's a must win for Leinster. Hopefully they've shaken off all the Euro-Jitters and will be firing on all cylinders this match. No stupid give-a-ways would be nice...
  8. I'd say brive can escape with a bonus point, but not a victory.
  9. MunsterMan

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  10. Shane Jennings just got a 12 week ban for gouging.

    Big chance for Sean O'Brien now. Stephen Keogh will probably come into the 23. Any injuries and Leinster are in trouble,. After Keogh, all they have are academy players and Nathan Hines as backrow cover.
  11. dullonien

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    Quite possibly.....
  12. Leinster to win IF they can shake off they perform but think bonus point win away in France won't happen.
  13. erwanseb

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    Brive is more English than French nowadays, so no worry about another French blip.
  14. An Tarbh

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    Hines thoughts on this match from the Irish Times

    Irish Times
  15. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Plenty of ifs and buts for Leinster ahead of the trip to Brive. Malcolm O'Kelly will come into the side if Leo Cullen or Kevin McLaughlin fail to make the game with Hines moving to the back row in the event of McLaughlin not making it. Toner will be on the bench if O'Kelly doesn't start. Stephen Keogh will be on the bench if both McLaughlin and Cullen fail to make it.

    Luke Fitzgerald moves to the centre to partner O'Driscoll with Nacewa moving to the wing and Kearney in at full back.

    Leinster: Rob Kearney, Shane Horgan, Brian O'Driscoll, Luke Fitzgerald, Isa Nacewa, Jonathan Sexton, Eoin Reddan, Cian Healy, John Fogarty, Mike Ross, Leo Cullen, Nathan Hines, Kevin McLaughlin, Sean O'Brien, Jamie Heaslip.

    Replacements: Bernard Jackman, CJ van der Linde, Ronan McCormack, Malcolm O'Kelly / Devin Toner/Stephen Keogh, Simon Keogh, Shaun Berne, Gordon D'Arcy.
  16. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    For Brive Palisson is in for Agulla, Thompson and Barnard come into the front row alongside Kinchagishvili. Damien Browne partners Short in the second row while Alix Popham is replaced by Gerhard Vosloo.

    Brive: 15. Fabrice Estebanez (capt), 14. Alexis Palisson, 13. Jamie Noon, 12. Lachlan Mackay, 11. Viliame Waqaseduadua, 10. Andy Goode, 9. Shaun Perry, 1. Davit Kinchagishvili, 2. Steve Thompson, 3. Pat Barnard, 4. Christian Short, 5. Damien Browne, 6. Gerhard Vosloo, 7. Vincent Forgues, 8. Antoine Claassen

    Replacements: 16. Jean-Philippe Bonrepaux, 17. Petrisor Toderasc, 18. Retief Uys, 19. Simon Azoulai, 20. Jean-Baptiste Pejoine, 21. Luciano Orquera, 22. Ronnie Cooke, 23. Pascal Idieder
  17. monkeypigeon

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    Happy to see Fitzgerald there at inside centre even though I doubt he is. Not too happy with Ireland's level of depth at inside centre at the moment and Fitzgerald could work really well there. Whereas there're plenty of wings about the place that I'd like to see get a chance; Fionn Carr, Johne Murphy, Shane Horgan is good enough to come back in, Denis Hurley has been veryu good for Munster, Andrew Trimble is on great form.
  18. MunsterMan

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    I would have preferred McFadden personally, I think that's where he should be developed.

    D'arcy could be in trouble for the AI's, Paddy Wallace and James Downey playing well and he is sitting on the bench.
  19. feicarsinn

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    Kearney try! 10-3 Leinster
  20. monkeypigeon

    monkeypigeon Guest

    Leinster looking lively and lovely hands from Sexton putting Kearney through for a wonderful try.

    Brive 3 - 10 Leinster
  21. Absolutely delighted with the result. 13-36 coupled with a Scarlets away win opens the pool back up. The only disappointing feature is the lack of a try bonus point but winning in France is an achievement in itself (especially given Leinster's recent performances there in Europe).
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